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This is simply incredible! LOL McCain- Palin mob

Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from obviously educated registered voters and rally goers. This is a prime example of informed voting at its best LOL!!! Shame on them!

Mccain's Rage!

I don't see why this isn't a major issue? Especially with the political climate we are in and all the fragile issues that surround us today!

WOW good ol Fox News! LOL

Hassleback attacks Obama on the "View" again!

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Katt Williams- it's Pimpin', Pimpin' Clip

Mccain didn't realize the mess he made until now!

I don't even really blame Mccain quite frankly. I see people like this everyday where I go to school. The funniest part to me as well is they all seem to think its perfectly fine to think that way. You may not agree on the issues but at least be honest with yourselves. Obama bashing is at such a high right it could be an Olympic sport! Im glad he showed some class though. But hey just bear in mind he let his dogs run free, so he's responsible for whatever lies they spew, just like Obama seems to be responsible for everything his associates do... LOL that cracks me up even saying it.

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Katie Couric and Sarah Palin pt. 2

Here is yet again another Palin interview, Idk what to say anymore... I mean she says everything from "I am a feminist" to "Alaska is a true microcosm of America" oh and they also mention that she does not regularly attend a church or have a church home, she just visits them? With how she spoke so much about God you would think she founded a church... Here is the interview.

Stop the Madness! 16 yr old nearly beheads an elderly for 6$

WOW this is crazy disturbing and I gotta say im starting to feel like most of the crazy wacked out stuff keeps happening in FL! This is so weird to me because they say the kid did this gruesome act, and told his friends??? What an idiot! Anyways heres the news report...