Monday, June 30, 2008

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy Beef in review!!!

Just in case you missed it here is the entire Ice-T, Soulja Boy fight! I just want to say at first I felt bad for Soulja Boy and thought Ice-T was outta line, but now I just dont know anymore... Its all pretty stupid to me but it does say something about Hip-Hop! U Decide for yourself...

The Warning Shot!

The Battle Begins!

The Nuclear Aftermath!

Now that we're all updated... Let me know what you think... Did Soulja Boy really kill Hip-Hop? Are the other rappers not keeping it on life support? Was Ice-T outta line? Or is Soulja Boy so wak it doesn't even matter? What ever it is let me know whats up!

Hitting ROC Bottom!

I just about died after watching this... An its been like 4 times and its still funny to me cus its sooo true! No Joke I feel bad for the "Dynasty" but not too bad to put up this video lol... Its the ROC!


This is some funny shit I stumbled on, check out my dude at the dry-cleaning spot... He has the funniest reaction to me... Tell me what you think!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alonzo Bodden... Seemed like a good idea at the time!

"Having a girl as a friend is like having 19 dollars in the bank an lookin at your ATM card... Its rough, its rough, i mean you can see it... You know its there... You jus aint gettin to it!"

This kat is hilarious to me! Imma put yall on if you dont already know who this is. Here are two of my favorite clips.

Just some toilet humor to brighten up your day! :)

These videos are hilarious... To be honest I dont even know what I would do if i was around any of these moments... Probably die from laughter. You most likely saw some of these or at least seen some of the pictures floating around the net. Here is the set of videos from the same guys.

I only have a few questions bout all this... Where the hell do they get this stuff?
I wonder how that nigga in the elevator clip in video 2 feels? Lastly why do so many people fall off treadmills? Why not just lower the speed???

Anyways this is some crazy stuff LOL!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Behind The Scenes (Southern Rap)

Lets call this the drama hour.

Story One

Right now Hip Hops Spot Light is centered mainly on Miami artists, with the only few exceptions being other Floridian rappers and southerners in their own right (ATL, NO). But there is a lot of bullshit goin on behind the scenes that people dont know about, and the media refuses to reveal. Far beyond the obvious drug influence in the southern music scene is a lot of fuck nigga shit happening off camera as well. One of Miamis hottest up and comers Brisco is making his mark on Cash Money Records and Poe Boy Ent. Real Respect Real, but only a pussy would threaten to slap a female in a room full of niggas. Lets keep it 100, i fuck with Brisco, his music is hot, but Jacki-O is a woman and she from yo same city! Yall was on the same label, if you dont like her atleast respect her. On the set of Lil Waynes latest video shoot for his 2nd single "A Millie", Jacki-O was invited, little pleased with Briscos "whats up Jack", Brisco then replied by "well fuck you then bitch!". After confronting the "Opa-Locka Goon" for his comments he then threatens to "slap the shit" out of Jacki-O. Come on nigga, im not Jacki-Os numba 1 fan but what the fuck is you thinkin right there. I was just tellin one of my niggas the other day, watch the words you use with these WOMEN, because it can and will come back to hurt you, they will go off and lose it, and Jacki-O did.



The question im thinking to myself is, how can a room full of MEN ( or so called) let this go down. Judging from Jacki's interview these types of behaviors are typical. How can southern rap succeed without our women behind it? The majority of the fans, ticket buyers, ALBUM & RINGTONE buyers are women. 70% of the money they see are from women. Female fans are to rappers what male fans are to football, ask LL Cool J. Plies would be a regular ass thug wanna be without his female audience. Obviously they still do have a huge female fan base, but how long will that last if this is common treatment with Miami artists. Lets see how many female fans Mystikal still has.

Clear enough? Brisco i fuck wit u, but you a pussy if this is how it went down. Jacki-O been reppin Miami before you was acknowledged, you was bout 19 when her first album came out. She aint just some dumb hoe from off da block, mind ya manners nigga.

Story Two

A little less than a year ago Atlanta was runnin the hip hop scene, with the likes of T.I, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, the emergence of Shawty Lo and re-emergence of Andre3000 leading the way for the state of Georgia. However the tide has changed, and the focus has now switched over to the State of Florida, due largely in part to the success of local DJ and personality Khalid. The success of his remixes and mixtapes has lead to a Florida movement. For other southern artists not from the state of florida, it seems that they have had to cling on to Khalid in many cases just to keep their buzz. You start to notice a trend in Khalids music, the artists rarely vary its most likely Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, Plies, Trick Daddy, Brisco all sharing one beat. Rappers who do not follow this trend often fall on deaf ears (Gucci Mane, Jody Breeze, Gorilla Zoe) all of which have achieved former success. However it seems recently that Khalid is at the forefront of the Southern revival. Just as the G-Unit phase died down because of redundancy, just as the Atlanta hype faded as the majority of the southern heavy weights allied themselves with Khalid, I cant help but think that in only a matter of time Floridas recent shine will see cloudy days. In city and cross county beefs do not help, especially when we are in a position to put Florida on top, we have no time be be divided. Miami vs Fort Myers, Miami vs Miami, Broward Vs Miami its all BULLSHIT, because God can fuck us all up, believe it. Lets keep the game watchin us, keep it original, keep makin classics, keep the clubs on lock. if every south nigga is against each other we might aswell be New York (jay z vs nas, 50 vs fat joe, cam'ron vs jim jones, jadakiss vs 50) fuck dat bullshit. If haters dont like that its our time to be on top can dey can jump off 95.

Story Three

Since every other southern state is going through a recent drought when it comes to popularity, we have a lot of wanna-be, bandwagon celebrities jumpin on Floridas dick. I mean damn, before Trick Daddy and Trina got dey huge fame and what not niggas wouldnt piss on Florida if we was on fire. They would take they little clique over to south beach and shoot videos and shit but NOW, they wanna shoot videos in Florida hoods, makin random cameos an shit just to be in the Florida spotlight (Overtown, Lil haiti, Pork n beans, ect.), think about it, why would a celebrity be on a random gutta ass block in south florida unless he thought it could give him some shine. Cut it out dawg just cause your city aint on top now, go cameo in flatbush nigga. cameo in marcy, magnolia, cabrini green, jordan downs, do you, dont do us. I see niggas shootin videos in hoods they aint even from. Cut out the fake shit, it only makes you look bad. Stop namin Florida spots where you be at cause you aint from round here and I dont see you out here. Ok, New Orleans damn near sunk, sorry to hear it, but you still from Hollygrove, stop callin out Lil Haiti and Opa-Locka as if you be out there chillin. Not to sound like im hatin but damn can I shout out Compton? NO! im not fake homey.

Some of this flaw ass shit right here is kinks in our armor, I just wonder how long we gon hold up until I drop my mafuckin album.

Dats what it is, otherwise, keep God first and remember he can fuck us all up, second to him is Bill Anderson.

- Willie T. Anderson, FL
- Willie T. 33068 p.o. box, chillin w/ God blvd

T.I. No Matter What!

Free T.I.P.!!!

Weekly Wake Up!!!

Every week im gonna post up an Album that people may be sleepin on... Its up for Debate but these are Albums that are puttin out "Good Music" that aren't makin the sales that they should. Feel free to post comments in agreement or disagreement...

This weeks Album is Bun B Trill II... Reppin Houston Hard!!! Bun has been that dude for a minute but he still isn't getting the Love he deserves. With calabos ranging from Lupe to Rick Ross and many more this is definitely an album worth at least your attention. Hopefully you'll think the same. Oh an one more thing... R.I.P. Pimp C!!!

Here are a couple tracks off the album... ENJOY!!!

Blacks given "ghetto names" in SoCal yearbook

At Charter Oak Highschool in Covina California members of the BSU (Black Student Union) were outraged to see that under pictures of their club there were intentional ghetto names instead of their actual ones. Names like "Tay Tay Shaniqua," "Crisphy Nanos" and "Laquan White" just to name a few. So now they students and their parents are calling for a reprint and an apology.

All I have to say is I hope they get the reprint because this kind of "Racial Prank is unacceptable... What if the BSU ran the yearbook and called the white students Billybob or Marybeth just for fun? I think the yearbook director should really be job hunting right now for lettin this one slide...

Dang Russell... Child Support really got in them pockets!

Well we all know that Kimora an Russ called it quits but I had no idea gettin divorced would get this expensive... He basically will get minimum custody of his children and have to rake in a nice 20k a month per daughter. Totaling at 40k a month, 480,000 a year. (DAMN!!!)

I cant lie my heart goes out to this guy and it does change how I view Kimora in a sense... People can say what they want about the relationship but my take on it was Kimora had a plan from the get go and sure enough she executed it to perfection. If you want anymore info on the matter check out heres a link to the article

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sex offenders sue Georgia Church

Just In!
 Now the sex predators & offenders have sued a Church in Georgia because they choose to not permit the predators to volunteer on the church grounds. First of all I support the Churches decision 110% with no doubt and I know I'll probably get some whiplash because of my blunt opinion but bring it on! If I had children I would not want the constant fear that while their learning about the miracles of Jesus; their teacher is secretly picturing my child naked. Their are not many offenses that causes such hatred as child sex offenders and should count themselves lucky not to be shot by civilians once their released on parol.  Sex crimes are becoming more frequent as time elapses, woman have been targeted in more public places and  children under the age of 10 have been assaulted more then ever recorded. Now these perverts will touch themselves to a toddler; how sickening is the world we live in. Since Georgia is one of the most populated registered sex offender states ( estimated 15,400 reg. sex. off. ); the law decided it was time to make moves. The lawsuit ended in a ban that sex offenders are not allowed to work in church kitchens, sing in the choirs, or volunteer in any aspect on Church grounds. If a sex offender violates these new provisions the legal punishment would be 10-30 years behind bars.
 Here are some quotes from Pastors and Representatives so you can read it for yourself. I bet you'll be able to see who's against this choice and whose for it.....

*"It’s designed to protect children, to keep people who have a history of pedophilia or sex crimes against children away from children so they’re less likely to repeat," said David Ralston, a Republican state representative and one of the measure’s sponsors.

*"Thieves, robbers, murderers — we give them all a second chance," said Mark Hanson, senior pastor at New Beginnings Tabernacle, a small evangelical ministry in Buchanan, Ga.

*"Let’s not forget that people on the sex offender registry have ways of getting off it," said Eric Johnson, president pro tem of the state Senate and author of the legislation. Johnson told that with the passage of time and through appeals, individuals can lobby to have their names removed.

So basically its up to you to read the facts and make valid your own belief. Few sex offenders have recovered from their (illness)  so why give them an opportunity to just (mess up) again with you or your child. Its called prevention and taking action, as people I think its a duty to protect ourselves and others to our  best ability; there are not many evils we encounter in life that we can control or prevent, so once we find a way to control one evil we should to the highest degree and the best effort.
Just in case you are a female reading this or you have children of your own Im including the link to the National Sex Offender Registry so you can locate predators that may live near you. So please take advantage of our public records and take the time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

----------------> <-----------------

Give life a Shot

The Supreme Court has never given a definitive interpretation of the 2nd amendment & on Tuesday the Supreme Court met to decide if it would be lawful to ratify the constitution. The Court ruled in favor of the 2nd amendment right that any law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms. The amendment was derived from the intelligent minds of our former presidents and intellectuals of our nation. This amendment was structured for the personal protection of ones self and from the government. The importance of this ruling would have affected everyones rights to defend themselves against injustice from our government and/or the evils that lurk in our streets. The minute we lose our rights to our own privacy and defense is the moment we sacrifice our freedom; from which our country was built upon.  The Supreme Court stated that the ban  which has been in affect for 32 years, hasn't made a significant decrease on gun violence on the streets which was one of the reasons the ban didn't seem to be working. The only harm the ban was permitting was the innocent lives lost when the law abiding citizens were helpless against the illegal usage of weapons from gangs, thieves, and murderers.
Surely a victory for guns rights! Surely a victory for the people!

Wit 12 artists on the beat this track "SO SILLY"

Hate em or love em anyone that can get 12 n****s on a song deserves some credit... I wont even lie some of these verses are funny as hell... Especially Bubba Sparxxx's (yea I said Bubba Sparxxx). An for those that aren't that great with voice recognition or if u cant really make out who's on the beat the list goes V.I.C., Soulja Boy, Bun B, E-40, Pitbull, Pollow Da Don, Jermaine Dupri, Arab, Dj Unk, Big Kountry (King), Tex James, and Bubba Sparxxx... Whew! Im outa breath... LoL im not the biggest fan of this whole movement but I wont lie this song is kinda hot. Get Silly!

Get Silly Ft Various Artists (Remix) - V.I.C. Ft Soulja Boi,Bun B,E-40,Pitbull,Polow Da Don,JD,Dj Unk, Big Kuntry and More
Click the link above to hear the full song.

Believe it!!!

Somebody needs to sign my boy Saigon for real! Shout out 2 JustBlaze for lacin this track up lovely... This needs spins so imma set the example an put it up on the Bridge! Hip Hop stand up!

Lyrical Larceny vol.1

This is the first edition of a lil something I call "Lyrical Larceny" and I really wanna know what everybody thinks about it. Have you ever listened to a song and felt like the featuring artist was so hot they basically stole the track? Weezy basically does that on every Khaled joint, but im talking more along the lines of how Eminem bodies Hov on the track "Renegade".

Larceny- the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the taker's own use... So thats the definition by the book, but this segment is a lil different. Heres the rundown, Basically from time to time we'll put two or three tough cases of "Lyrical Larceny" and its up to you to let us know who's really runnin the track. Here are your first cases...

Redman Vs. Busta Ryhmes- Da Goodness

Beanie Seigel Vs. Freeway- Roc da Mic

Talib Kweli Vs. Kanye West- In The Mood
Aight so these are the cases this time! Deliberate and hit me back with your Verdict!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mtv allows political adds for first time since its inception...

Since Mtv came out in 1981 they have always declined to run political adds on their networks... But because of the rise of importance in the Youth Vote in this upcoming election they have decided to change that policy. The claim that they will be fair and balanced with air time as long as they are coming from major candidates, they still will not work with third party candidates... (Sorry Nader)

Is this a good look? You decide?

B.E.T. = Barack Exhalting Television

If you didnt see the BET awards I wont front you need to catch the re-run! They did a great job this year and the performances were solid... For the most part. But what got me was the Barak love... man was it in full effect or what! The entire industry pretty much gave him a shout-out after each victory. But none was louder than my boy Diddy with the pun off his 2004 campaign slogan... "OBAMA OR DIE" I thinks its good that we are getting involved in politcs and its cool to see celebrities support who they believe... But idk, u tell me, was it a lil over the top???

Jordan Collezione Countdown Package 7/16

Jordan Men's Collezione Countdown Pack Retro 7/16 Basketball ShoesLast Weekend, people all around the world lined up to get the 5th package from the Jordan Collezione Countdown Package. The pack included the Jordan VII, which Mike wore during the 1991-92 season winning his second NBA title, Finals MVP, and Olympic Gold. But the colorway has everyone and their mother goin crazy, the "Hare"colorway has been in the closet for 16 years and is looking better than ever. The Jordan XVI is the 2nd shoe in the pack. Although Mike didn't wear them when they 1st dropped(He wore the ginger 16's during his 2nd comeback). This is the best pack so far and if you don't have em' your gonna shell out alot $$$ 2 get hands on em'!!! *PEACE*

Nader 2 Obama: He's just "talking White"

Ralph Nader has always been a noise maker when it comes to political process. Now he has his sights on Obama, in an interview with "" he basically implies that Obama is playing "Uncle Tom" to keep from looking like Jesse Jackson. Now keep in mind that he is also independently a presidential candidate but where is the basis to claim that a man is "talking white" just because he hasn't said that he is going to save the ghetto's of America or what not. A small part of me can understand his sentiment but at the end of the day how is that talking white? So because he is selling himself to ALL Americans he is being a white person. All black candidates need to focus all their energy on saving the hood??? Nader thats a F*&%@# up way to look at it...

Weezy Smashes The Competition!!!!!!

If Hip-Hop is "dead" then I guess no one told Lil' Wayne. The 6th studio LP from the New Orleans rapper finally makes him a hip-hop legend, only so few rappers can hold that title in my eyes (Pac,Biggie,Jay-Z). Selling a million records in the 1st week and taking the #1 spot on the billboard charts(shout-out 2 Plies comin in @ #2). If 2007 was big for Wayne from Mixtapes and being featured on over a 100 songs, it doesn't look like no one is taking Wayne off his throne. With the smash single "Lollipop" has pushed the 26 year-old into crossover success. Even with his album being leaked and stealing music(F*%$ Limewire) numbers don't lie and all critics have been silenced. *PEACE*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

R.I.P. Len Bias...

So much potential, So much possibility, So much sadness... "God sometimes uses the best people to get our attention." This is by far one of the most tragic stories in Basketball history. Read all about it in the espn article 

To celebrate his life I put up this great video of how much of an impact he had on Basketball... R.I.P. #34

Hey Shaq Tell me how "my" A** Taste!

"I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, thats why im gettin divorced!" a line from Shaq's freestyle where he coins the catch phrase "Kobe... Tell me how my a** taste!" This is crazy funny and goes down in rap infamy with all the other Hip Hop Hoops lyrical atrocities... ( A.I.'s diss track to Hov wasn't really that bad tho.) Enjoy lol...

But it may be Kobe who gets the last laugh... Because of Shaq's little night club freestyle he has been stripped of his two "Special Deputy" Badges. Heres the article if you want more info read the yahoo news article Talk about a strange turn of events... Cant you just imagine Kobe sitting at home somewhere, staring at the TV with a huge smile on his face saying: Hey Shaq tell me how a** taste!

Rock City!!! or Kick Rocks???

Akon's new group goes by the name of Rock City. They consider themselves a rap group from the islands but their talent goes way deeper than your usual 16. These singer/songwriters have written for the likes of Janet Jackson and are finally making a name for themselves getting signed to the Platinum Hit factory Konvict records. The two brothers hail from St. Thomas and now live in Atlanta, Theron and Timothy made their super star connection through a close relationship with Konvict CEO and platinum recording artist Akon. Through him they began writing for big time artists like Usher, Enrique Iglesias, and Sean Kingston. If you want anymore info on these guys check out this interview and see for yourself.

Heres the video to their hit single "Losin it"

Let me know what you think... I personally think these guys have stayin power and im always gonna root for the singer/songwriters so they got my vote.

Anger Management

Have you ever felt soooo Angry that you lost it completely? You ever felt like the biggest idiot afterwards? Im sure we all have... Why is that? I think its hilarious that people can even get that mad over nothing... Its like we can be perfectly fine and with the right series of events you can turn into this...LoL I think it looks stupid too... Swellin up an smashin things to pieces solves nothing! Trust me im speaking from experience. Just want to put it out there if I ever made anyone overly disappointed by one of my "Bruce Banner" moments this is my formal apology... Woosah...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Its time to Cross the Bridge!

Wuz good to all my young, gifted, an educated katz out there! Its ya boi %Hunnid-Proof% an Im here to kick off the Bridge! Let me just run down the basics: This is a blog for Real people, written and commented on by Real people, and focuses on (yup you guess it) Real issues. We are here to have fun and to air out whats interesting to us or what is affecting our communites. I want this to be something everyone and anyone can enjoy so try not to be too much of an a** hole when it comes to what you put up on here. Further there is no set topic, so if Hip Hop is your forte let me know whats good, if you bang wit politics and you find certain aspects interesting educate a brotha, if your a health freak and you want to let us know what would be a good idea for our diet then put it up... What ever makes the nerves in your brain twitch and causes you think put us on an HAVE FUN WITH IT! Im basically gonna lead by example so expect to see posts from me frequently. This is my first blog yall! Imma treat it like the town soap box, an you should too! Hope you guys enjoy it!