Monday, June 23, 2008

Its time to Cross the Bridge!

Wuz good to all my young, gifted, an educated katz out there! Its ya boi %Hunnid-Proof% an Im here to kick off the Bridge! Let me just run down the basics: This is a blog for Real people, written and commented on by Real people, and focuses on (yup you guess it) Real issues. We are here to have fun and to air out whats interesting to us or what is affecting our communites. I want this to be something everyone and anyone can enjoy so try not to be too much of an a** hole when it comes to what you put up on here. Further there is no set topic, so if Hip Hop is your forte let me know whats good, if you bang wit politics and you find certain aspects interesting educate a brotha, if your a health freak and you want to let us know what would be a good idea for our diet then put it up... What ever makes the nerves in your brain twitch and causes you think put us on an HAVE FUN WITH IT! Im basically gonna lead by example so expect to see posts from me frequently. This is my first blog yall! Imma treat it like the town soap box, an you should too! Hope you guys enjoy it!


Born2Lead&2Succeed said...

Im really looking forward to this...The potential that this blog has is mind-blowing! It also allows people to give their opinion about what The Bridge is talking about without having to be on the air. I appreciate this blog and cannot wait for it to be in full swing! Good luck!

%Hunnid-proof% said...

Thanks! I just hope people take advantage of this and have fun with it cus its a cool way to communicate with your friends and let people know about stuff thats interesting to you. This is gonna be str8 an I wont rest tell I let everyone know whats up.