Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not gonna lie I was pretty impressed by this battle...

Its Conceited coming out of NY vs. L-Dot out of Cali. It was was pretty slow at times but the highlights are sick. This battle definitely was refreshing, its always good to see a hot battle. Shout out to Sole-Mentality for the links.

round 1

round 2

round 3

I don't think there is any question who won, but it was still hot to see. Wish it were a bit more balanced tho.

Monday, March 16, 2009

88 Keys ft. Kanye: Stay up (Viagra)

I've been on this song... The verses are sick! "He is so Bull headed tried to Three peat!" This song is hot on the low yo... Funny video too.


This is hilarious... Just watch the video and try not to laugh at how absurd this is...

Rapelay: Quite possibly the worst thing in video game history!

I know many of you probably heard of this but if you haven't here is a run down. Japan developed a game in which your major function and objective is to systematically rape and molest a family of a mother and her two daughters. This is absolutely absurd and disgusting in every way! The creators obviously had some desensitized sense of morality or could possibly be a product of their culture and environment. Here are three videos that I think shine light on the issue, one is Cnn's Rick Sanchez covering it which I personally think he did the best job out of the clips i've seen so far, the next is a female perspective on this horrible game, and the last is a mans. Im showing you all of them because in all of them they cover something about its influence differently. When you watch these videos ask yourself "What in the hell is going on to our world?" Why would someone even think about these types of things. AHHH! Its just sickening in every way...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

If you ever thought rappers didnt read the comments on the internet... Think again. LOL

This video is cool because of how chill the scenario is. I agree "mostly" with what they are saying. Its pretty cool to see them talk about that though because it shows they pay attention to the sites.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Novel: Makes you happy

This is a real smooth track... I've had it on repeat for about two weeks now. Lemme know what you think?

LOL How many people did you hear talking like this last election???

She is a total idiot... Her name is Victoria Jackson and she is living proof that Hannity will put any God forsaken idiot in the air as long as they agree with him. This is rich... I honestly feel like she was on some serious drugs, but funny thing is she sounds like many of he sober people i knew last november. LOL

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25 things I hate about facebook!

This is sooooo true! If your on facebook you have to agree with at least some of these!

Ayo! Britney, ya mic is still on girl!?

Just listen to what she says loud as hell in the middle of her concert. LOL seriously!

Keri Hilson: "Make Love"

Keri is the real deal. I wish her the best!! Oh and no im not only posting this cus my boy makes a cameo... Keri is gonna kill it, just watch!

"Amazing" Remix feat. The Dream and Christina Milian

This was kinda cute, I will just assume they are together until I hear otherwise. Plus I think its a good take on the song especially since he made it into a southern song now with all the A's... Funny thing i've noticed is that most of my favorite artist are absolute ego maniacs. Hmmm self revelation...

Serius Jones: "Life is Serius" (the movie)

This is pretty hot... I wish more rappers could successfully pull off something like this. Anyways definitely worth a watch, in full screen too. He's a funny guy too.

Serius Jones presents Life is Serius[The Movie] from IrunsNY on Vimeo.

Child Exploitation at its best LOL: 7 year old dancing phenom

This kid comes to a bunch of Celtics games and just dances as hard as he can for about a minute and a half... It was funny to see cus he dances like he's grown. But he kind of "jigs" if you know what I mean, almost like a I know I look like an idot but oh well kind of way. But it totally reminded me of Dave Chappelle when he said he told his high school kids trying to get out of the ghetto to "get to dancing!" LOL! Here are both clips...

And the part im talking about is between 2:27 and 2:55 for Dave

Rockin That Thang Remix feat. Fab, Juelz, Ross, and Luda

Absolute Classic! Personal Opinion: the order of who spit the best is Luda, Santana, Fab, the Dream (lol), then Ross. They really could've done without him for this track. But hey, its still a classic!

Bonus video: My Love feat. Mariah

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Pray To God This Punk Gets What Is Coming To Him...

A 16 year old in KALAMAZOO TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN, beats the sh*t out of his FEMALE bus driver because of the way she was driving. Hes being charged as a juvenile with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. The kid's father defended him and said the substitute bus driver "provoked" her son. The school district defends the driver in saying that all rules and regulations were being followed at the time of the incident. TELL ME THIS ISNT RIDICULOUS! I wish there woulda been a camera like this in Chris Brown's lambo!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The half a million dollar half court shot prank

I tried not to laugh but it was too good, if my boy got me like this id be so heated lol. It was a clever prank tho, really clever.

To view the video without a cut off click the video again and got to its official site so that its formatted.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some of Kanye West's VH1 Storytellers special performances

This video is hot... I wish I could go to a Kanye show! On some real stuff the guy is just way too original.

LOL: Old people review T.I.'s Whatever you like

Whoa... Funny thing too they played the unedited version for them, im not gonna lie this is kinda funny because they really start talking about some deep stuff. The greeks, and how people pay money to listen to peoples problems laid out on musical tracks. Which in a way is absolutely true! anyway enjoy this silly but serious video.

Lil Wayne: Prom Queen...

There is so much I can say about this song and video but I dont feel like hating, all in all wayne is really taking this Rock thing seriously and honestly unlike "Rush" I dont wanna see him fail. Plus I feel him on the song's message, its a good one, I think we all know a girl like that. Maybe you are that girl, who knows? But Honestly he still sounds the same, its like he is still rapping just to a rock beat. Idk Its weird but Wayne is weird so I guess its expected. Enough commentary just leave comments on the Video lol.