Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Kwanzaa Kanye! Naw i celebrate regular Xmas!

How can you not sympathize? Talk about annoying, and the Kwanzaa thing was a lil OD...
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Soulja Boy buggin out again? "Nas killed hip hop and his own career?"

This nigga is an idiot, and his co-signing homeboys just keep egging this dummy on...

What would happen if superman visited Batman during the "Dark Knight" LOL!

This is funny, and kind of true, haha! Any way its a good laugh if you follow the character and movies.
Oh and its in a panoramic format so just double click the link and it will give you a better picture of it.

Vlogga like Puff

Vlogga Like Puff from jeff on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Black women walking...

I can sympathize with much of the topics that are discussed in this clip, but as a black male who doesn't spend his time harassing random women on the street I feel as though there are a few misconceptions and or responsibilities that are not being shared.
I am fully aware of the excessiveness and crudeness of harassment and how it can make someone feel, especially in group situations, But these women speak as though that only Black Women face this scrutiny as if the demographics are so far apart. Whether white, latino, asian, or black there will always be a battle of the sexes. Im sure a group of huddled men will gawk at a beautiful woman in rio the same way they would at a gorgeous girl in milan. Its not a racial thing at all yet this clip has women basing their opinions solely on personal observation an thats pretty lame to me. Also it was almost as if the tape was insinuating that every moving black man is out searching for the next black girl to harass. ALSO LAME! Anyway watch this for yourself, and bear in mind I am not saying its some feminist movement propaganda but its important to look at this with a objective eye because there seems to be an heir of inconsistency and lack of personal responsibility in this 8 min clip.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Karrine Stephens throws NBA Player under the bus!

Just wait it out, I know she gets dramatic but its worth it in the end... This is so dirty. LOL!
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Hilarious: Vader playing golf

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I mean if your a nerd like me you can appreciate the humor in this... Oh and don't even front like you wouldn't want that ability.

I've heard of burning through money, but literally Burning it??? WTF!

Total ignorance at its best...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OD: 100 Kids rob gas station

I dont blame the clerk on this one, this is just outta control!
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cory Gunz- Heartless remix

Tha boy nice...

YOOOO This is soooo sad...

Ok let me be frank and give you a disclaimer... I do not agree with this video but I do see its point. This woman was a Barack Obama recruiter and she took time out of her oh so high paying job to address the crazy new york street preachers. She basically reveals some deep seeded hatred and it something to see. Oh and im sorry for the horrible spelling in the video these guys are idiots!

YAH!!! TRICK!!! YAH!!!

If yall missed this last spring well here is the re-up. The story is about a ATL chick who they now call "Soulja Girl" who goes off on the Marta (subway) Train on an elderly woman. The whole thing was caught on tape and it was basically the equivalent of a Boondocks "Nigga Moment" except it was real. Its a good laugh but it sure as hell reinforces some negative stereotypes...

"Anybody wanna see Young Jeezy kill George Bush!?" HAHA I know its on your top ten for ignorance... Well anyway the Old lady sued her ass! But out of the goodness of her heart the charges were dropped, but not before her business was put out on the street. Apparently she was Bi-Polar and never took her medication. I guess that makes it a lil less funny (not really) but anyway here is footage of the court proceedings.

Is it me or are madd players ODing this year in the NBA???

Exhibit A: Lebron Dunks on Toronto 7 TIMES!!!

Exhibit B: Melo Scores more in the 3rd than most people do in entire games

Exhibit C: B Roy hits a dagger of a three ball to win against the Rockets in OT

EXhibit D: Wade puts up 43 on Phoenix with style

Those are just a few examples of great moments this year in the league but IDK for some reason I feel like the NBA has received a real boost, the games seem to have more defensive plays and players seem to be really getting into it this year. Its could just be me but I've never watched this many regular season games this early with this much satisfaction.

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girls

Good video, oh and this is sad i noticed this on the first try but is it me or is the chick at the end of the video Lacey Duvalle? If so than that nigga is hilarious cus he definitely has a track going in on her.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jeezy crosses over KG!!!

Naw not, really but this is a pretty hot Adidas commercial featuring the two.

Soulja boy tell em VS. Charles Hamilton... The real story

Here is the full "This is 50" Interview with chuck

SOD response

My take
Ok its no secret that I think Charles Hamilton is nice, being a lover of music as an art I can appreciate a true artist. Not to say that if you dislike Charles that you don't appreciate art because we all have our own preferences. But when we start making comparisons on these two artist and the topic of discussion is music I think there is a problem, a real problem. Now I am no Soulja Boy hater, I've been quoted sticking up for the young man on several occasions especially during the Ice-T situation but this is just stupid to me. No offense Charles has a point, Young Hip Hop artist have no place anymore and cannot thrive. Lets be real it doesn't matter what your lyrical content states anymore, just the packaging... Soulja Boy can make you dance with his beats, I hope its not his lyrics, but I would be lying if I said a Tell em track made me think. Reality is some of yall don't want to think... simple as that. "Imma call this verse hurts, cus its the truth." Seriously many of us don't want want to decipher, we live in a microwave society that just wants to shake its ass and drink some liquor. Your not wrong for that, you just shouldn't embrace people who are trying so hard to destroy the fabric of musical creativity just to make a profit or exploit the stupidity of the masses. I mean Soulja boy is funny to me, really funny, but not in the way you would think. I mean take for instance his sneaker, why would you make an effigy of yourself on the bottom of your show? I might buy the shoe just to stomp all over that lil nigga. Idk its just silly to me. With that being said, if you think charles is some ass then just do me a favor and listen to this track and bear in mind this nigga made this when he was 18... If this doesn't make you at least think or at least bite ya tongue on hatin on this nigga than guess we just on another wavelength.

Music (Intro) - Charles Hamilton

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SNL: Barack Obama Keeps It Cool... LOL

There isn't much to say except lol they got him, I can honestly see him acting like this too, thats the sad part.

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Every song that was sampled by Kanye West

I only posted this because if I didn't the definitive Kanye Hater would've beat me to it... This is a video showing the songs that kanye sampled, most of which any normal person wont even be able to name but he used to make great music but im sure people will see this as a way to discredit his career or something.., anyways here you go

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Monday, December 1, 2008

"I dont know what im talkin bout"

This plies clip is silly but it cracks me up!

My boys put me on to this a while ago...

Here are a few extras from "Lil Hop" That are pretty funny too.

Forbes 1-2-3 video

California Love

Welcome to the south

I know they aren't the funniest things in the world to most, but if you know hip hop you can die laughing at these... Seriously the worst part is that all the videos have truth in em.

"Dont Be Mad, UPS Is Hiring"

Deconstructing Biggie: UPS is Hiring from jeff on Vimeo.