Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Soulja boy tell em VS. Charles Hamilton... The real story

Here is the full "This is 50" Interview with chuck

SOD response

My take
Ok its no secret that I think Charles Hamilton is nice, being a lover of music as an art I can appreciate a true artist. Not to say that if you dislike Charles that you don't appreciate art because we all have our own preferences. But when we start making comparisons on these two artist and the topic of discussion is music I think there is a problem, a real problem. Now I am no Soulja Boy hater, I've been quoted sticking up for the young man on several occasions especially during the Ice-T situation but this is just stupid to me. No offense Charles has a point, Young Hip Hop artist have no place anymore and cannot thrive. Lets be real it doesn't matter what your lyrical content states anymore, just the packaging... Soulja Boy can make you dance with his beats, I hope its not his lyrics, but I would be lying if I said a Tell em track made me think. Reality is some of yall don't want to think... simple as that. "Imma call this verse hurts, cus its the truth." Seriously many of us don't want want to decipher, we live in a microwave society that just wants to shake its ass and drink some liquor. Your not wrong for that, you just shouldn't embrace people who are trying so hard to destroy the fabric of musical creativity just to make a profit or exploit the stupidity of the masses. I mean Soulja boy is funny to me, really funny, but not in the way you would think. I mean take for instance his sneaker, why would you make an effigy of yourself on the bottom of your show? I might buy the shoe just to stomp all over that lil nigga. Idk its just silly to me. With that being said, if you think charles is some ass then just do me a favor and listen to this track and bear in mind this nigga made this when he was 18... If this doesn't make you at least think or at least bite ya tongue on hatin on this nigga than guess we just on another wavelength.

Music (Intro) - Charles Hamilton

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%Hunnid-proof% said...

X out the sonic and maybe fuck wit mario... LOL even though I know that Hamilton will can rip soulja cus he really aint nobody lyrically, I have to admit that shit was hilarious.