Saturday, August 30, 2008

POLITICS As Usual. Right?

First of all i'd like to state that I'm neither democrat nor republican, I am simply an observer. Although I am an african-american male my opinion comes to you without bias' of any kind. Presidential candidates John McCain & Barack Obama certainly possess the ability to create excitement among both of their respected political parties, however neither McCain or Obama are as strategically inclined as the media may lead you yo believe. I am in no way calling the two Presidential frontrunners dummies but they certainly are not using their best judgement when it comes to their picks for Vice President.

I am mainly disappointed in Sen. Barack Obamas choice, when Hillary Clinton clearly would of gained the democratic party more support than a 60+ year old relatively unknown face. For the past few months in politics Sen. Obama and Clinton have been the most talked about, publicized and popular political candidates, not only among democrats but in the media as well. Although Joe Biden has the foreign policy experience and the years of work put in the capital of the United States, he simply cannot deliver the votes and fan support that a Hillary Clinton can. Joe Biden has been a success, and his morals are unquestionable, but Sen. Clinton carries with her millions of women and pro-choice voters who after the disappointed end to Hillary's run will not support Obama. I see it like this, if you were to put the two most popular politicians of the past couple years together on a ticket it would be virtually impossible to lose on election day. I see no way possible Barack could of lost this election if he went with Clinton. Not only does Clinton carry female support, she also carries pro-choice and homosexually votes aswell, unlike Sarah Palin who believe it should be illegal for gays and lesbians to be couples (not married, but couples). Statistics show that gays are more likely to vote than african americans. I do not support homosexuality but i support Obama and those are much needed votes in a close election that he will face.

Joe Biden may have a thicker resume' than Hillary Clinton but he will never have the amount of support. What Sen Obama did was over-analyze the consequences of choosing Clinton over Biden. In his mind he did not want to face off against republicans bringing up past contradicting disagreements between Clinton and Himself. Thinking literally, as popular as Obama and Clinton are nobody would even care what the McCain campaign had to to say about them. It will be extremely hard for Sen. Obama to win over the Clinton supporters, although she has publicly endorsed Barack and Joe Biden and they both have publicly paid homage to Clintons historical run many Hillary fans remain skeptical, as there is still disappointment in both the way Hillary was treated and the fact that she was not chosen as the VP.

A day after Obamas historical speech, in an attempt to take the spotlight off of the Senator John McCain announced that his running mate for the republican party will be Sarah Palin. Palin, another relatively unknown character in most media circles has made many headlines as of late becoming one of only women chosen to run for the VP. Being that she is so unpopular and lacks the experience of a Joe Biden this is a very risky play by John McCain. You'd think that after Barack Obama went left field with his pick that McCain would go after the likes of a Rudy Giuliani or a John Edwards, someone with a little more voter support than Sarah Palin. Obviously an attempt to gain female voters this could very likely backfire on McCain seeing as Palin is unknown to most of the world outside of Alaska. However the media has given Palin much praise and Republicans and women alike have been highly supportive of the decision McCain has made. However I personally would of liked his chances much better had he went with a more acclaimed political personality i.e. Rudy Giuliani.

McCain will get the majority of his support from Upper-middle class white collar businessmen. I doubt that alone will get him elected in November but he still has a chance depending on the voters reaction to Sarah Palin in a few more days. 

While most of middle-working class America will likely vote Obama Biden due to their emphasis on re-implementing "the American Promise" and their yet to be proven guarantees about tax cuts and economic improvements. Sen. Obamas highly praised speech pushed him just ahead of McCain but is it enough to make him the next President of the United States? Although most states in the U.S. are majority middle class and statistically in Obamas favor we all know the voting process can present many problems. Ballots must to be checked thoroughly and by HONEST indivuals selected by respected State leaders to prevent tampering and such moral and illegal activity. 

The Pros & Cons

John McCain/Sarah Palin

Pros - Political Experience, support of upper class America, Navy Commander

Overall interest in keeping American wealthy

Cons - state he will not enforce equal pay for women, pro-life against a woman's right to choose, anti-gay, little to no minority and working class support

Overall interest in keeping Americas economy the same

Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Pros - middle-working class support, pro choice on abortion and homosexuality, promises tax cuts and lowered gas prices, tremendous amounts of celebrity support and fund raising, plans to bring troops home

Overall interest in improving Americas economy and increasing job opportunities and employment.

Cons -  Loss in female support, little upper class/white collar voter support, has yet to reveal his "plan for change"

Overall his promises remain to be seen.

Great Speech Barack
Lets see what McCain has to offer.

Kanye West freestyle at Virgin Mobile Fest 08!

This shit is dope!

Apparently its now Mccain Palin 08

Well Mccain has finally chosen his running mate! First-Term Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin! She is 44 years old (3 years younger than Obama and 28 years younger than Mccain) and a mother of 5. She is very Pro-Life, and also in line with Mccain when it comes to offshore drilling and such. But all of this now raises the question again, why the hypocrisy? When an entire campaign was focused on experience and maturity, why would you choose a running mate with neither? This is obviously without a shadow of a doubt an attempt to lure disgruntled Hilary supporters into voting red. Its a nice image, I like the fact that Mccain is at least seeming to branch out. But this will only work on people who only vote with their eyes. I guess VP's really don't have much of a purpose? because what is a 72 year old Senator going to ask a 44 year old first- term Governor? Honestly? Reality is though this will be a power play in retrospective. Even though its teeming with hypocrisy... Best of luck for them and I must say, I didn't call this one!


G. Malone feat. Weezy and Birdman- Haterz

Did you freakin hear Waynes verse? OD!!! "Tryin to reach my goal like a round ball, Freddie ado anything for the crown yall!"
Anyway this shit is hittin... Lemme know what you think?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Team USA Post Gold Celebration!!!

Im so proud of this team! We came! We Saw! We went Undefeated!

Hottest R&B Artist in the game right now!

The-Dream: I Put on Remix (In Your City)

You know I wanna touch your lovely lady lumps... "LADY LUMPS!!!!"

So talk about waking up to something you would never expect...

We all remember "Kidz Bop" right? The CD's of the pint sized versions of all our favorite radio hits... If not here's an ad for one of their albums.

Aight sorry for putting you through that, LOL! Back to what I wanted to talk about. Well you would have never guessed what wholesome "Weezy" song they have decided to remake... 

Please reassure me that Im not the only person that thinks this is crazy as hell! LMAO!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

T.I.- What Up! (Unofficial)

Paper Trails has the makings to be a classic! This track right here is the new hater anthem! Try not to laugh at some of the niggas wit T.I.'s entourage lol!

Monday, August 25, 2008

T-Wayne: "I cant believe it"

Protesters screaming "F*&% Fox news" On Fox News!!!

This is OD, I have my own reservations and discontent with Fox but this is just ignorant. I hate the fact that people say they stand for something but pull ignorant stunts like that... Oh well here's the footage.

Worst video ive ever seen!!! EVER! "Its so cold in the D"

This is pretty sad yall so brace yourself, plus this has been up since january and im surprised everybody isn't out there laughin at how terrible this is... You be the judge! LMAO!

JoJo passes out on stage! Yo whats goin on these days!?

Yo pray for these guys man, they must be going through something serious. This kind of stuff doesn't just happen... But imma have to keep it 100... LMAO!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Dream Team" brings home the GOLD

I just wanted to congratulate Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Michael Redd, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Chris Paul, and Tayshaun Prince for doing the damn thing and showing the rest of the world just how great American basketball really is! Its always good to bring home the Gold and after the 8 year drought its refreshing to see we still Got it! Shout out to Coach K too because his subs were on point! USA!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama chooses Sen. Biden as running mate!

Well he finally made his decision and it seems we aren't gonna have a super ticket. But the reality of this selection is that all of Obama's down sides or weakness are nullified due to the fact his running mate has served in the senate for 30 yrs (experience), lead the foreign policy department for a term (foreign policy experience) and was a chair in the judiciary department (sound judgment). I feel like Obama made a good decision because he will have a litmus test and a wise voice behind him at all times. Although Biden can be a bit long winded and in some cases a bit too real, hopefully he wont put his foot in his mouth. Case and point I dont want to hear anymore talk about experience, especially since our current two term president had less experience than Obama when he won in 2000. Anyways lets see how this plays out, I wonder who Mccain is going to select?

T.I.- S.L.U. (Swagger Like Us) feat. Kanye, Jay-Z, and Lil wayne

You know this song is gonna be talked about, the line up alone is like the Super bowl of rap!
The beat is a lil different and Ye and Wanye both need to lay off the T-pain but the verses are sick, and imma have to agree with T.I.P. ripped it the hardest! Enjoy...

Introducing Charles Hamilton... Revenge of the Nerds!

This cat is kinda hot if you really listen to what he says, He is tied with DJ Skee from out west and is affiliated wit "Game" and "Kanye", the reason I'm taking the time to put him up is because unlike most of the rappers we have today (Plies, Rick Ross) he has no problem being himself. I dont know what's up with the sonic obsession but hey like I said, it is what it is... Let me know what you think.

Windows Media Player

Brooklyn Girls

November 10th

Charles Hamilton, Game, Kanye Cypher

John Legend feat Andre 3000 "Green light" video

Thursday, August 21, 2008

LMAO!!! Phillipino inmates get down to "Flo-Rida Low"

Aight WTF! This has gotta bother you!

Im disgusted! I have to be honest tho, we don't dance any different but where is the parenting? Where's the discretion? Somebody's mama needs to be slapped!

Lays the hammer down on her nose!

Just had to put this up.. I'm sorry. This is my comeback video.. If you look closely at her nose before and after the hit you can see that she broke it. Wow.., what impact granny had.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The History of No Homo... LOL

Who really "Got Money" in 08!

This is the official "" list of the Hip Hop industry's Top earners for 2008!
1. Curtis "This is 50" Jackson: 150 million
2. Shawn " Jay-Z" Carter: 82 million
3. Sean "Diddy" Combs: 35 million
4. Kanye West: 30 million
5. Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley: 22 million
6. Pharrell Williams: 20 million
7. Kasseem "Swizz Beatz" Dean: 17 million
8. Calvin "Snoop dogg" Broadus: 16 million
9. Andre "Dr. Dre" Young: 15 million
10. Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges: 14 million
11. Clifford "T.I." Harris: 13 million (tie)
11. Dwayne "Lil Wayne" Carter: 13 million (tie)
12. Marshal "Eminem" Mathers: 12 million (tie)
12. Lonnie "Common" Lynn Jr.: 12 million (tie)
12. Aliaune "Akon" Thiam: 12 million (tie)
13. Jermaine Dupri: 11 million (tie) 
13. Jonathan "Lil Jon" Smith: 11 million (tie)
14. Outkast: 10 million (tie)
14. Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Serik: 10 million
14. Jayceon "The Game" Taylor: 10 million

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jokin Jay-Z Puppet parody

WTF! Burger King Bath!?

This is just nasty as hell! Even the movie waiting didn't take it this far! Im glad this guy was fired, but still you cant help but have your mind wander now... UGH I think I'm gonna throw up!

Team USA keeping its "Eyes on the Prize"

We all know that Team USA Basketball is handling its business, but you cant help but chuckle when you see this pic. 
Just look at how Lebron is playing with the flag, and it seems like this random Olympian has the rest of the team's attention LOL!

But wait with all these girls running around where the hell is Kobe?

I see you MVP! Lol figures, he even hogs when it comes to the ladies... LOL J/k :)

Algernod Lanier Washington- Watch this

Who did you call a slave!?

My boy "IS" shot this to me... People still don't get it... Well anyway long story short this dude got his ass whooped for this by two black dudes in NYC. But lets just be honest, "WTF did he think was gonna happen?"

Here's a complete article -

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BET Responds to Hatred allegations!

Here is the response given to in regard to the post they made earlier.

BET Networks respects the power and importance of blogging, but we also believe that for the benefit of our audience, we must distinguish fact from fiction. In response to posts on’s Ya Heard blog and the Panache Report, Julissa is no longer on BET, and hosts Danella (BLACK CARPET), Alesha Renee (THE 5ive and BET NOW) and Jina Johnson (BET NEWS) are African American. The names of the BET shows and Rocsi's nationality as described on are inaccurate.

BET Networks is proud of the incredible Black women we have representing our channels – not just on our hosted shows, but on all of our specials and series across the board. From the compelling young females on Baldwin Hills to our talented judges on Sunday Best to the knowledgeable panelists we’ve had on Hip Hop vs. America, to name just a few of our shows, BET Networks has been and will continue to be committed to ensuring we have strong Black female representation on our networks.

Above all, BET Networks proudly seeks to include and explore Black women throughout the African Diaspora, as shown through the “Am I My Sister’s Keeper” segment of Hip Hop vs. America II, moderated by MC Lyte, where our brilliant all-female panel crossed complexions, ages, homelands and backgrounds.

We thank and all of our viewers, supporters and critics for contributing to the dynamic conversation of Black women’s roles at BET Networks and the media at large, as it is our goal to not only host and participate in this dialogue, but to also incorporate some of the solutions that come from these discussions.

So there you have it... 

Kanye West- Champion!

This video is unique... Oh and im feeling the Olympic theme!

This makes me sick

A Mother forces her 9 yr old son to fight another boy and even jumps in!

Monday, August 11, 2008

BET veering away from black women?

As of present day there are no female African American Host on BET. This raises the question does BET feel that Black women cant sell a show? Some of the major female host's on the struggling network are Sharon Carpenter (BET News) who is half Indain and half White, Rocsi (106 & Park) who is Dominican American, and Julissa (The Center). Now this of course is simply observatory speculation but come on lets be real... Not even one? Hopefully this is not the case and the reports that have surfaced are merely gossip. Regardless its really not that big of a deal anyways because we all know BET needs to step their game up. Bad Enterainment Telivision is what it should stand for...

Get registered Yall!

The Obama campaign is working all across Broward and Palm beach going to barbershops and salons in an attempt to tap into the overwhelming huge number of eligable unregistered voters... I know this isnt the biggest news but I cant help but think "Hey why didn't I think of that?" Anyway here's an article that talks about it out of the Sun-Sentinel,0,4114090.story

And remeber The right to vote is a very prescious one. Many have died for us to have this ability and right. So dont sit on your ass and let your vote go to waste. Be active! GET REGISTERED!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

"If he's elected i'll kill him myself!"

"22 year old Raymond Hunter Geisel was arrested on charges that he made an assassination threat against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama"

He said "If he is elected I'll kill him myself!" among other things... Im sure he hates him so much because of his stance on America's forieng policy right? Or maybe he is a staunch Pro-Lifer who thinks Obama is the anti-Christ... Or maybe he is just another freaking racist that doesn't even deserve this post. Heres the footage...

Hate to say I told you so...

For about a year now I've been questioning Neyo's sexual oreintation but never had any true solid viable evidence... Until now... Im not really gonna elaborate I think the Imagery speaks for itself... Hate to say I told you so.

Another thing, I want you to listen to this song really carefully and tell me why he or she would need to be saying sorry in this song? Neyo thinks he's slick putting this girl on the track, He wrote all the lyrics... You decide

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some more knowledge ala Jay smooth

Jay lets us know his take on the Luda- Politicas as Usual track!

Ive seen everything!

LOL I cant believe that there is a Paris Hilton vs. John Mccain Beef! This has been the strangest election ever!

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Kanye's Closing speach @ MSG...

He touches on his appreciation for nas, on Soulja boi's success, and on the ridiculous gay rumor because of his jeans (started by Jim Jones i might add, someone needs to shut that nigga up)

The Recession trailer part 2

Part 2, Album in stores 9/02/08!

Carmelo's Way Trailer

carmelo's way trailer

I think this is gonna be hot... Look out for my boi Melo!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Plies = Rossed - Dont Believe the Hype.

first of all look, the whole trick daddy tellin folks dat rick ross was a CO is bullshit, trick didnt say dat shit, trick didnt put the pictures out, he even said so himself. However Ross was a CO but fuck it, it seem like im da only one who knows who pulled the plug on his ass.

Like i said in my last blog, Florida rappers is all gonna be exposed in due time, see when Brisco tried Jacki-O Rick Ross didnt come to her defense, instead he went and wifed Jacki-Os main rival, Foxy Brown. If you heard and paid attention to the Jacki-O interview you remember her saying she knows too much, and from now on she exposin everybody. So why yall muh fuckas runnin around blamin Trick Daddy of all people its all RUMORS, Jacki-O pulled the plug on Ross, now she pullin the plug on Plies.

She goin all around the region puttin out dirt on all these niggas, look

Plies conplete criminal record from his 21st birthday till now (32)

contradictory with his lyrics? NO SHIT, 99% of mainstream rappers lie and are fake to a certain extend, its entertainment and they get paid lots of money for it.

My opinion personally i dont agree with the bullshit they rap about because if your not living it, dont speak it, Slip N Slide, Def Jam, Aftermath, its not New Line Cinema, its not Pay per View i give a fuck is Khaled THINKS hes makin Moo-Vies, yall aint actors. The majority of hip hop fans are young and impressionable teenagers, and rappers like ross, plies, young jeezy, who rap about criminal activities that they do not take part in are influencing kids to be "like them" even though thats not who they really are outside of rap. Niggas like me who know the difference and know better than to believe everything a rapper says is a different story, I could care less. If a rapper is "fake" they simply lose respect? But i never knew nor respected any rapper to begin with I just enjoy music, maybe more fans should do the same.

However these recent stories regarding Florida rappers "street cred" is a bad look for southern rap as a whole. Recent interviews of New York rappers like Maino about the subject show large groups of New Yorkers laushing at Ross' humiliating situation. Again like I said in my last blog, Inner State beef between Floridians is all it takes for everything to come crumbling down.

Who all know of course that Ross could infact have been a CO and still be a part of the criminal underworld, so why deny it? Rick Ross is on this weeks DUMMY LIST. Admit it, say you only did it for a short period of time or simply to gain connections, now after lying he has to continue to lie to save face, but they ALREADY SHOWED THE NEGATIVE.

As For Plies

My only problem with Plies, i dont get it. Why?
Why what Bill Anderson?

Why is Plies tryin so damn hard to be a thug. I mean an untold truth about Algernod Washington is that he may be the most educated individial in music. However i asked myself, with his level of intelligence why would he try to poytray himself as someone so ignorant? Because hes a mutha fuckin goon Bill Anderson! haha, well although im a fan of his music I dont believe the hype. Not because of criminal records on any bullshit like that it doesnt matter to me. What matters to me is a 32 year old man with a MASTERS degree from a well established University walking around with gold teeth talkin bout hes a goon. Lets be real fo a minute, those of us in or who have attended college, how many goons graduated with masters degrees? Shit, goons dont even take AP classes, or show up to class for that matter. yea look I understand i cant judge every book by its cover, which is true, but to have a Masters degree in engineering (which he does have) that requires passes 4 levels of calculous, which is not a fuckin game. So I cant but help think when hes rappin about creepin in niggas bushes wit a AK back in the day, he was actually at home studying and tutoring under-grads. Dont get me wrong there is nothin wrong with bein as smart as Plies is, thats a very good thing and he should be proud of himself, but whats the use in being that smart if your just going to play dumb to fit in. Although his raps tend to have a "huggin on my mama from a jail cell" tupac type theme, it is documented that out of all cities Plies has even been a resident his first arrest came at age 30. This is why you fans should NOT believe the hype, just enjoy music.

Former USF student Algernod L. Washington could of been many things, with his brain, what did he choose to be?

a Goon.

i wonder whos next to be, Rick Rossed.