Saturday, August 30, 2008

Apparently its now Mccain Palin 08

Well Mccain has finally chosen his running mate! First-Term Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin! She is 44 years old (3 years younger than Obama and 28 years younger than Mccain) and a mother of 5. She is very Pro-Life, and also in line with Mccain when it comes to offshore drilling and such. But all of this now raises the question again, why the hypocrisy? When an entire campaign was focused on experience and maturity, why would you choose a running mate with neither? This is obviously without a shadow of a doubt an attempt to lure disgruntled Hilary supporters into voting red. Its a nice image, I like the fact that Mccain is at least seeming to branch out. But this will only work on people who only vote with their eyes. I guess VP's really don't have much of a purpose? because what is a 72 year old Senator going to ask a 44 year old first- term Governor? Honestly? Reality is though this will be a power play in retrospective. Even though its teeming with hypocrisy... Best of luck for them and I must say, I didn't call this one!

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Born2Lead&2Succeed said...

LOL...No comment! But if you want, Ill call my Uncle and my source in The White House and Ill set you up an interview with her so you can see what she is really like...I hear shes pretty cool...Plus if it means shes gonna drill in ALASKA...ILL VOTE FOR HER, but not McCain...If only we were allowed to mix and match presidential candidates.....