Thursday, December 17, 2009

LeBron Cakin' A.I.

Pause!!! Bron what were you thinkin'?!? Dude in the video is hilarious.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Canibus- Dead By Design

Song is DOPE!!! I Don't think it's smart for him to challenge the Illuminati Tho.... LOL " 13 levels above 33"..... "They put a black family in the white house just to take away ours"....."Illuminati going to murder us just like they did Pac"


Terrance wit the ill imma smash dat face!!!

Don't watch the whole video. The song is wack IMO.... But from 3:33 on it's a classic.... No man can resist a PHAT ^55!!!!


Kids don't try this @ home

SMH..... how you gonna provoke a fight and get put to sleep.... ROTFL!!! Side Note: This chick must train @ American Top Team or something she perfected the rear-naked choke.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Operation Weezy F baby!


Hmm interesting... Why are White Players only 10% of the NBA?

I don't 100% agree with the stereotypes at all. I mean I know many players that I think can defend and play at that high of a level. But I must say the statistics are a bit staggering.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dude Goes In On Tiger....

This dude hit it right on the head!!!! This is only the beginning for Tiger.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

I swear Kobe Bryant is not human.

The degree of difficulty of this shot, in a regulation NBA game, after recently coming off an injury is probably in the millions. This is why people compare then man to Jordan. He can score 40 in his sleep.

Let him know... I'm glad someone said it.

Been talking about this for weeks, he's saying the truth.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories i've heard in a while...

What would you do in this situation, I am not one to put a price on someone's life and I am not one to promote vigilantes. But in all seriousness despite this father's wrong doing, ask yourself, what would you do in his situation?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This made my day... WOW! Bangs on Shade 45

They absolutely roast the boy... Im sorry but this is pretty cruel when you think about it. Anyway LMAO!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I honestly have nothing bad I can say about Floyd

I mean I wanna be like STFU and stop being so cocky, but throughout this entire interview, he tells nothing but the truth... Can we respect the man already?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 100 best quotes from "The Wire"

This is some funny stuff lol... Classic quotes LMAO!

50 cent with Officer Ross's kids and Tia

This is just hilarious to me... Hip hop needs 50 he has to be the true hip hop comedian. Anyways if you don't know the back story this might not be that disrespectful to you. Dig a lil bit and you'll see why this is a lil messed up LMAO!

Friday, November 13, 2009

25TH Anniversary Air Jordan A.K.A. Air Jordan 2010(XXV)

170.00$ for these??? WTF!! I'm not paying that price i'll just wait until they drop at the outlet. People are bashing them because they
don't look like shoes you can rock in the mall but they're basketball performance shoes!!!! Anyways, this colorway is the first to drop
NBA All-Star Weekend(Feb.13,2010). Or you can always cop early on the Bay.


Flash That Ain't Right!!!!

Aye imma let the highlight speak for itself. If you don't make a bitter face or say ohhhh S***!!! then something is wrong with you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Damn they got Boosie too!

Boosie is getting 4 years for violating probation. Another one bites the dust... Funny that there are more rappers coming in and out of Jail than in an out of college. Anyway, another day, another debate. Free Boosie!!!

That was close... Attempted Train suicide Fail or I guess I should say Win??? Idk its just crazy!

This lady is obviously messed up... She is so lucky to be alive, and by the looks of how quick she stood up she realized how real her attempted suicide was. This is crazy to see. This train stopped on a dime. WOW!

Monday, November 9, 2009

DJ Whoo-Kid @ it AGAIN!!!

It's not better than the Jay-Z Camel.... DJ Whoo-Kid going in on Fat Joe now.....(like Fat Joe is relevant now?!?) :-/...
Anyways, it's worth a look.

What's next a Ross Gorilla Spoof??


WTF!!! yo all the people that was on stage with Diddy needs to be asked "WHY!?!?".... How do you let him drop his pants? Oh I forgot
he'll fire them or "Blackball"them ROTFL!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

50 Cent Interview on Power 99 (Jay-Z Secret Society???)

Why is 50 still goin in on Ross? I know Triple C's CD sold on 4,000 copies(SMH)....Well now that I think about it they sold under what Ace Hood sold.LMFAO!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is an experiment to help demonstrate Discrimination and Segregation. In all honesty, this is one of the most moving things I have ever watched. God bless Jane Elliot... This is real teaching, at its best!







If you did yourself a favor and watched all the segments you probably learned a very valuable lesson. I personally believe that every establishment should implement something like this exercise. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not so Autistic Art

Stephen Wiltshire is a 35yr old artist who is also autistic. I don't want to really give away much more, but this video truly is a must see. This is amazing

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Fail of the week! Hands down...

BANGS- Special Girl... This is a real video, don't get it twisted. I thought "Its so cold in the D" was bad, this is on some next level horrendous sh**!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jamie Foxx exposes most of these rappers that are out right now

This is so true, been saying it for years. More than half of these dude are faking on a regular basis. I'm not saying it would be better if they really were killers but I am saying it would be better if being real was celebrated more than being fake. Anyway this is a great radio segment.

Tyler Perry on 60 mins

This guy has an incredible story. Seriously! I like how he answers the last question given to him about Spike Lee. If you don't know to much about Tyler Perry get familiar. He truly is an inspiring director/actor.

Trick Daddy's New Book "Magic City: Trials of Native Son"

Watched this clip and I must say I really might pick this up. I always knew Trick Daddy was real but its good to see he is getting validation for it. Lupus is no joke and people are dealing with it in our community everyday. I'm glad to hear that Trick takes time to raise awareness, other than the fact he has it himself... Anyways check this clip out and tell me what you think.

This is why I don't do drugs...

Ok this is a video of a girl who straight loses it off two bong hits of Salvia. I know many of you will say awww man don't sweat that she'll be fine and all that. And im sure she WILL be, but as it obviously shows, during that period of time... She obviously isn't FINE at all. Im not tryna preach or anything im just saying that if someone offers me that mess im prolly gonna laugh in their face. Im straight...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We were once a fairytale

Aight so i've been gone for a min. Basically been opening my third eye... Funny this video would bring me back to posting. At first glance you might not catch the deep symbolism in this short film but after a while it will dawn on you. This coincides with a lot of what I've been learning about and it makes a lot more sense when your up on the type of knowledge im eluding to. Anyway tell me your thoughts on this Video, and just as a brief disclaimer... IM BACK!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey I will be posting soon

I know i've gone missing for a lil while, just letting a lot of stuff soak in. I'll be back with a whole lot of posts real soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Im having trouble figuring out if this is a FAIL or not

Rodney King is getting in the boxing ring with a former cop. Im a bit confused? Its not even one of the guys who beat him up. If he loses that will just be another ass whooping he's famous for, and If he wins it'll just be weird. Check out their body language too... Oh and this nigga actually says "grab your popcorn and WATERMELON slices". Rodney how bad did that whoopin mess up your head? You tell me, Is this just a FAIL waiting to happen? Oh and side note... This has to be the worst news crew in America, these people are horrible!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

LeGarrette Blount chin checks Byron Hout

Hout wont be the only one bruised by that sucker punch. This really puts a black eye on the college season. Thats not the way to get things started. I'm pretty sure were going to be hearing about this for a while.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

CHRIS BROWN'S Larry King interview

This is pretty good I must say. This is the entire interview too. I think he is sincere but I know he is also not being completely honest. Regardless, his real fans will always be his real fans and those who didn't like him have more reason not to. Either way, he's still eating and he is still rich and famous... Don't be sorry for him. He does take a lot of scrutiny but if you or I had done what he did we'd still be in a cell. The whole Rhianna being ghost stuff bothers me still though. I definitely don't see her as a stand up individual nor do I respect her way of dealing with all of this. I am almost 100% sure she is staying away from the controversy because she would be cross examined and questioned herself. So in a case of hypocrisy she is making the right move. But as for Chris he deserves to be left alone about all this but no question if he is caught doing anything like this again the whole world will throw him under the bus. And they should!

This has to be the most passionate person in the entire music industry!

DMX at one point held the entire rap game on his shoulders... He is and was as big as any of your favorite artists today. Crazy or not this video shows an example of why. Now there of course is speculation of demon possession throughout his career but if you know your X, shortly after being saved his life hit a terrible turn! It was only after coming closer to God and shunning the likes of Marolyn Manson and many others featured on his number 1 albums that his life Got dramatically worse. From his constant lack of motor skills, to heavy drug usage, to impersonating a federal agent, even to begging on the street homeless and poor... DMX has seen it all! I dont know where his head is at, but I do know he is either the most insane and hype rapper in history or a man who is tormented deep down to his soul every time he thinks of the price of his fame and hopes to find a way to make it right. Im not really trying to bring it down on him, im just dropping dimes for you the reader to pick up on your own. Whatever the reason for his passion may be, one thing is for sure... ITS REAL! There are a lot of Phony ass rappers out there like Algernod Lanier Washington (PLIES) but Earl is the real thing... Whatever force he is consumed by, its powerful and intimidating. X really has changed his tune, there has to be some sense of irony when a man who's first album was titled "It's Dark and Hell is Hot!" wants to become a pastor. But as you can see despite his contradiction he is absolutely serious. Earl needs prayer y'all but not more than any one of us. As confused as Earl looks in this video, our society and social patterns pale in comparison. DMX represents the hype passionate nature that comes out of someone doing what they are born to do. His rise and fall also mirror the struggle many artist deal with when they sell their soul to the devil for fame. He obviously wanted out, but you see that is a pact that you cant easily get out of. Don't believe me? How about you do your homework and get back to me later. In the mean time watch this video and tell me what you think about the return of X!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Drake: Successful Official Video

Its good to see the video finally, I am a bit curious as to why he is making videos for all these mixtape joints, I mean if you want us to buy Thank Me Later you might want to promote that a bit more. I'm just saying... So far gone is pretty much Ancient history to me. I may be alone on this one but seriously if you played it as much as I did you'd understand. Anyway... Good video non the less.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Great White Hope

This is pretty interesting when you think about. I personally think she just slipped... But the funny part is that if you "slip" it usually mean that is how you really feel. Something to think about.

Aries Spears is seriously way too good at this stuff...

Imma hire him to do prank calls and radio interviews this is just ridiculous!

No im serious he is really that good!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome back Vick

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood... I think Philly might just have a two headed monster at QB after all. Happy to see number 7 back on the field!

This is Vile...

Baptist preacher praying for Obama's death and stating that our country is run by faggots... Great way to represent the Lord. 100,000 souls lost just from this mans speech. Seriously.

This is the most recent story on this punk!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mary J Blige: Stronger- Off the Lebron Documentary soundtrack

Shout out to Chris Brown for writing the song and throwing some background vocals on there! This is a powerful song! She did her thing!

Chris Brown's REAL "I'M SORRY"

Now the video he made a month ago didnt do it for me... This is more like it though! I think its safe to say he is remorseful. I can really appreciate a song like this, since it really does happen like this. Its good to see him release in the best way he knows how to... Beautiful music. Keep ya head up CB.

Oh and if someone has a problem with me supporting him despite his mistakes and knowing that all men and women make mistakes, horrible ones, all the time! SO HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE! Just a bumper for anyone who had an itch to comment on this post saying something outta line about it.

WOW Female track runner accused of being a dude!

I think this is really messed up... But I cant front im laughing while I type this because in all seriousness, can you blame them? I mean im not trying to be insensitive but COME ON! Can you really blame them???

This is why I hate Soulja Boy and what he does to hip hop...

I challenge anyone to say something nice about this song an video and actually mean it. Now Deandre has all his friends thinking they can rap??? This is worse than terrible, I think I shed a tear for the future when I saw this. 100,000,000 point deduction for hip hop if this ever really comes out! LOL @ arab for thinking he was anything but a D*** rider. This is the worst! And what camp do they claim? SOD money gang possibly the worst rap organization in Hip Hop History. Take a deep breath before you watch this video, because I assure you its str8 up SHIT!

Brotha Franklin is gettin it!

Now I never saw anything this bad, but some things sure came close. How do you feel about stuff like this? do you think its all for show? Or is the holy spirit really making this guy move like he was auditioning for Soul Train in 83? I'm just saying...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The man is a freak of nature...

Usain Bolt gets new world record with 19.19 in the 200 meter dash. This guy is seriously untouchable!

Humble Tip - S.P.F (Salvation Prevents Fire) Music Video ft. K-Drama & D-Maub

I had to post this video man! These guys are really doing their thing. But most of all they are representing the Kingdom of God. I know this blog isn't religious and I pull no punches on what I post, but it would be a crime for me not to post this. Even on a purely hip hop point of view the lyrics, change of pace, and the way the director told the story in the video make this a great post! Shout out to BTGUM! DFC!!!!!

Roy Jones Vs. Jeff Lacy (full fight)

Roy's been my favorite boxer for a while, I'm glad to see him back in the ring. He drops Lacy in 10 and its actually a pretty good fight, one sided but good non the less. You know with Roy there is going to be some dancing and his hands will be down causing fighters to react. Its about 48mins long so unless you really just want to see Roy knock somebody out than u should pass. But if your a boxing buff this deserves a look. Roy puts out his whole arsenal so if you want to see how he really fights, this is a great example.

Jamie Foxx, Drake, The Dream, and Kanye Digital Girl remix video

Pretty much everyone on this track is the Sh*t... I like the fact they did something different with the beat for the video too, yet again Mr. Nash being creative again.

Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye "Run This Town" Video

This was really well done, I like the vibe, its very engaging.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Fray: Heartless (cover)

This is some extremely creative imagery... Great video!

The FRAY - Heartless from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

Bloomberg might rain on 50's Family Day parade.

Is Jamaica Queens really that bad... This is actually pretty crazy that Bloomberg would have to comment on a rap concert for fear of public safety. LOL and he is such a cornball "50 cents" haha. Well fif apparently he thinks some thug is going to try to make a name for himself. Hopefully it all works out.

Rising Icons: Keri Hilson

She is killin the game right now for real!

Barney Frank goes in on a woman trying to compare Obama to Hitler

This is what I mean... The things people will take and run with are absolutely astounding. LMAO!

Mcnabb or Vick? Take your pick...

This is always debated...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

R. Kelly feat. Keri Hilson- Number One

This song is crazy... I bet a lot of people will be claiming this joint and really have no business doin that lol but hey im jus saying. They pull no punches on it. If you have virgin ears and still want to keep em then u might want to pass. LOL i mean its no "Becky" but they actual make you want to have sex even if you had no intention or desire to at all. They need to be careful with this joint.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Micheal Vick's 60 mins interview

Welcome home Number 7. Any thoughts on his return?

Are assassination threat to the president really on the rise?

You be the judge... Oh and for some strange reason many of the same ones screaming socialist are the ones with white hoods in their closet. Idk im seeing a trend too. It seems like people who are spreading this continuous hate rhetoric wouldve have done it whether Obama was republican or democrat. At first I felt like maybe people really have a genuine concern but the more made up and trumped up allegations I hear the more I see people are just looking for waves they can surf and push their racist agenda on the wake of an issue they pretend to care so much about. I dont think if you disagree with Obama that deep inside your racist. But I do believe if your friends pull the trigger on some of the things they say and feel deep inside and they show how ugly they can be, if you stand idly by and allow it... Than you are no better. If your offended by what I just said I suggest you do some real soul searching because its fine to disagree but this stupidity we are seeing on a daily basis is real 1930's if you ask me. And if you think that White Supremacy isnt all that bad and people are making a big deal about it ect. than maybe im the wrong person to talk to about it with because I can only take so much ignorance and stupidity like that breaks the scale.

Chicago man serves 3 weeks in jail for "Yarning" in court

This is beyond ridiculous... But please pay attention to how this man says yawn. I didnt catch it at first because I was too focused on the injustice. LMAO he says it so funny.


Usain Bolt = G.O.A.T. any objections?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wow... Costco pull the offensive "Lil monkey" doll. Who approved it in the first place?

Funny how the CEO of the manufacturing company said they didnt mean to offend anybody. Than make the doll white than! This crap is gettin so played out!

A wonderful PSA from the ever so beautiful lil flower that is Megan Fox

LMFAO... Thats all im gonna say!

Right-winged Militia groups on the rise since Obama's Presidency!

No offense but are you the least bit surprised?! People like this make me SICK! Hatred is the new black! I swear these people are so silly too because the "evidence" they use to support their hate is nearly always 1000% speculation, manipulation, and distortion! And that is the small percent of them with actual intellect. I dont care if I start to sound biased but im tired of these hillbilly inbred christian white supremest southerners getting all riled up over every single rumor they hear. This make me wonder why people try so hard. I know the open ones are a small minority but its not them that I am worried about... Its the ones that smile in your face and have "debates" with you and supposedly come to an intellectual agreement, when in actuality spend the rest of the day with their buddies bashing you and your opinions. Those are the ones that can do real damage, because there is strength in numbers and people like that outnumber us all!

Oh and if the first clip didnt do it check out Rep. David Scotts mail

I know rap people: Slaughterhouse

Heard the album is absolutely sick... These guys are the realist rap group out right now to me, minus Outkast, soft spot lol...

The invention of Lying movie trailer

I was put on to Ricky Jervais by Nico Bellic on GTA 4 LOL! Never saw any of his movies tho, but I cant front, this seems pretty interesting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When you hate on Reakwon and Joe Budden your really hating on America

This is a pretty good analysis of the situation, good to see that someone took the time to explain this without sounding like an idiot or a complete hater... LMAO Jsmoove is always on point.

Nobody is safe anymore... Major pause on the post!

My boy Superman must have let Punany be his kryptonite. Dwight Howard's high school pics weren't always on the court. This is yet again a prime example of how dirty pics can come back to haunt you. To most of us this isn't a big deal (NO PUN) at all. But Since they made Dwight the Christian face of the league expect to see some ESPN backlash... This is gonna get interesting. Oh and maybe next time Dwight you wont put Face and D*#% shots together in the same photos. Hard (DEFINITELY NO PUN) to deny a pic when your grinnin all in the camera Big D! (OK THAT LAST ONE WAS ON PURPOSE) Pause/no homo for a hundred years LMAO!

LOL you should go to and read the comments, people are going in on Dwight... I feel bad cus it looks like he was on a web cam and some chick got him... Damn son, you already David Stern's greedy ass is gonna find some way to fine you. Be more careful next time brotha!

Monday, August 10, 2009

John Wall Dunking On Jerry Stackhouse

These tapes didnt get confiscated ;-)

He's headed to Kentucky by the way, look out for this kid. I'm telling you he's special.
Oh and just in case you replayed this 10 times and cant figure it out, He traveled his a$$ off. But with a dunk like that, WHO CARES!?

Lil Boosie ft. Young Jeezy and Webbie: You Better Believe It

This song is so real! Boosie and Trill ent out did themselves lyrically in this song. I wont lie, I have always been a Boosie fan on the low, used to listen to zoom and wipe me down everyday on the road. Anyway check out the video... Oh and side note Webbie has to be the only famous nigga still sportin an afro.

Anderson Silva is the Ali of MMA

George Lucas and I saw this on PPV and couldnt believe it! He predicted the first round annihilation but I thought Forest wouldve put up more of a fight. Just watch this and remember Forest was the Champ 9 months ago...

Its The Real: 2 real 2 furious

Two years already... Wow, I had no idea. Well you already know these are my favorite white boys. Congrats!

2 Real 2 Furious from jeff on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brisco Robbed in his own hometown

Result of over flossin... It happens man, but in a barbershop though? Damn!

Another clip with Brisco talking

SMH! LOL this is classic

They asked this girl "when you refer to someone as Yellow. We consider them?" Check out her answer, than watch who gets the answer right... LOL SMH!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rappers sharing groupie stories and some more insight on the real Karrine Stephans

Nothing in this clip surprises me at all. To keep it 100 I know girls that fit in this category, and to be even more honest you know who you are too... You should be ashamed of yourselves. LMAO! Groupie chicks are by far the funniest in the world. It just proves the point that no matter how ugly or gross or pathetic someone may be on the inside they can still walk around and think they are really something cus they are pretty on the out. SMH!

Thuggin it and Loving it...

This is the type of buffoonery that kills the black community... To say this is stupid is a huge understatement, and no they are not the first to do this, FL has been doing this dumb stuff for years now. This is just sad, im sorry but when will this stop. People don't see any harm in it. Its funny that the creators said they wanted to make a movie and help the community out but somehow they can never make a real script... LOL "Professional actors" haha... Oh and Pause on the name that just sounds gay!

Good Hair Movie trailer

Im gonna see this for sure.

I think after watching this I will forever be disturbed by what crazy things can take place in this world...

I cant believe they allow this creepy old man around children... I am in total shock!

This is just getting sick...

Broward Cop arrested for sexually abusing illegal immigrants! And ALL MEN AT THAT! This is a new LOW! WOW!

Monday, August 3, 2009

State of the Union 2

These guys are way funnier than star and buck wild to me... Anyways they analyze some good stuff on this one.

Oh this is the one i missed sunday lol Tennesse Cop planting drugs on a suspect

Dont get me wrong people I dont hate cops, I just hate INJUSTICE! A badge doesnt make you a righteous man. Your heart does.

Funny how it wouldnt matter what day it was I can always find one of these stories...

DWB... But people think Henry Gates is crazy???



This is not my best!

LMAO They ripped Drake on this LOL! WOW! Too clever...

Its The Real: C'est la vie

LOL My favorite Jews weigh in on Drakes latest developments with the help of "Broken Equipment" LOL

C'est la Vie, Drake from jeff on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

CNBC's History of the UFC

Lol my boys are probably gonna laugh at the timing of me posting this, all I play is undisputed now.

7 yr old steals car to get out of going to church!

LMAO at this kid can drive... remember lil Latarian
lol This stuff is crazy!

I really wish I was making this up... I really do

Hollywood FL police framing a motorist.

Drake falling on stage and reinjuring his knee

Is it me but are Drake's short falls (no pun intended) coming too soon in his career? BET, Video, Funk Flex show, Now America's most wanted tour... Drizzy whats going on? You should just sit down man. Your obviously doing too much.

IS this a new trend... Are the Rodney King days back full circle?

This is just sad. 55 yr old man and pregnant woman tazed at backyard baptism party in front of dozens of children. Surprised about this??? IM NOT!

See this is the type of stuff that makes cops look bad

Boston Cop calls Henry Gates a "Jungle Monkey"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Do you realize that Stephon Marbury is self destructing right before our very eyes???

This man gets in an accident and just drives away on camera... WTH??? What is he even talking about?

him checking the damage

Then peep this crazy interview with He has lost it!

Oh here is a lil extra for you incase ur not convinced