Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We were once a fairytale

Aight so i've been gone for a min. Basically been opening my third eye... Funny this video would bring me back to posting. At first glance you might not catch the deep symbolism in this short film but after a while it will dawn on you. This coincides with a lot of what I've been learning about and it makes a lot more sense when your up on the type of knowledge im eluding to. Anyway tell me your thoughts on this Video, and just as a brief disclaimer... IM BACK!

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Born2LeadAnd2Succeed said...

This confused the hell outta me.....I feel like the first 5 minutes is an exact depiction of how I feel about Kanye...
The random ass white guy and Bentley was funny...
Is Yeezy supposed to be drunk or on drugs?
Why the hell was the sex scene needed? and did he really have sex with some pillows? Did he at least clean up after his own jizz?
Was part of the symbolism that even Kayne's barf smells like roses to people?
And the little demon? WTF!
Is this his was of apologizing for being a dick to everyone in America?
What is that little animal and how does it know to kill itself?
And what came outta the animal's stomach?

Can someone get Kanye on the phone and ask him WTF that was?