Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nobody is safe anymore... Major pause on the post!

My boy Superman must have let Punany be his kryptonite. Dwight Howard's high school pics weren't always on the court. This is yet again a prime example of how dirty pics can come back to haunt you. To most of us this isn't a big deal (NO PUN) at all. But Since they made Dwight the Christian face of the league expect to see some ESPN backlash... This is gonna get interesting. Oh and maybe next time Dwight you wont put Face and D*#% shots together in the same photos. Hard (DEFINITELY NO PUN) to deny a pic when your grinnin all in the camera Big D! (OK THAT LAST ONE WAS ON PURPOSE) Pause/no homo for a hundred years LMAO!

LOL you should go to and read the comments, people are going in on Dwight... I feel bad cus it looks like he was on a web cam and some chick got him... Damn son, you already David Stern's greedy ass is gonna find some way to fine you. Be more careful next time brotha!

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