Friday, September 11, 2009

Im having trouble figuring out if this is a FAIL or not

Rodney King is getting in the boxing ring with a former cop. Im a bit confused? Its not even one of the guys who beat him up. If he loses that will just be another ass whooping he's famous for, and If he wins it'll just be weird. Check out their body language too... Oh and this nigga actually says "grab your popcorn and WATERMELON slices". Rodney how bad did that whoopin mess up your head? You tell me, Is this just a FAIL waiting to happen? Oh and side note... This has to be the worst news crew in America, these people are horrible!

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Born2LeadAnd2Succeed said...

I wana get paid what she is getting paid for being a dumbass bitch on TV! Where do I sign up?