Monday, August 17, 2009

Are assassination threat to the president really on the rise?

You be the judge... Oh and for some strange reason many of the same ones screaming socialist are the ones with white hoods in their closet. Idk im seeing a trend too. It seems like people who are spreading this continuous hate rhetoric wouldve have done it whether Obama was republican or democrat. At first I felt like maybe people really have a genuine concern but the more made up and trumped up allegations I hear the more I see people are just looking for waves they can surf and push their racist agenda on the wake of an issue they pretend to care so much about. I dont think if you disagree with Obama that deep inside your racist. But I do believe if your friends pull the trigger on some of the things they say and feel deep inside and they show how ugly they can be, if you stand idly by and allow it... Than you are no better. If your offended by what I just said I suggest you do some real soul searching because its fine to disagree but this stupidity we are seeing on a daily basis is real 1930's if you ask me. And if you think that White Supremacy isnt all that bad and people are making a big deal about it ect. than maybe im the wrong person to talk to about it with because I can only take so much ignorance and stupidity like that breaks the scale.

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