Thursday, September 3, 2009

CHRIS BROWN'S Larry King interview

This is pretty good I must say. This is the entire interview too. I think he is sincere but I know he is also not being completely honest. Regardless, his real fans will always be his real fans and those who didn't like him have more reason not to. Either way, he's still eating and he is still rich and famous... Don't be sorry for him. He does take a lot of scrutiny but if you or I had done what he did we'd still be in a cell. The whole Rhianna being ghost stuff bothers me still though. I definitely don't see her as a stand up individual nor do I respect her way of dealing with all of this. I am almost 100% sure she is staying away from the controversy because she would be cross examined and questioned herself. So in a case of hypocrisy she is making the right move. But as for Chris he deserves to be left alone about all this but no question if he is caught doing anything like this again the whole world will throw him under the bus. And they should!

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