Thursday, September 3, 2009

This has to be the most passionate person in the entire music industry!

DMX at one point held the entire rap game on his shoulders... He is and was as big as any of your favorite artists today. Crazy or not this video shows an example of why. Now there of course is speculation of demon possession throughout his career but if you know your X, shortly after being saved his life hit a terrible turn! It was only after coming closer to God and shunning the likes of Marolyn Manson and many others featured on his number 1 albums that his life Got dramatically worse. From his constant lack of motor skills, to heavy drug usage, to impersonating a federal agent, even to begging on the street homeless and poor... DMX has seen it all! I dont know where his head is at, but I do know he is either the most insane and hype rapper in history or a man who is tormented deep down to his soul every time he thinks of the price of his fame and hopes to find a way to make it right. Im not really trying to bring it down on him, im just dropping dimes for you the reader to pick up on your own. Whatever the reason for his passion may be, one thing is for sure... ITS REAL! There are a lot of Phony ass rappers out there like Algernod Lanier Washington (PLIES) but Earl is the real thing... Whatever force he is consumed by, its powerful and intimidating. X really has changed his tune, there has to be some sense of irony when a man who's first album was titled "It's Dark and Hell is Hot!" wants to become a pastor. But as you can see despite his contradiction he is absolutely serious. Earl needs prayer y'all but not more than any one of us. As confused as Earl looks in this video, our society and social patterns pale in comparison. DMX represents the hype passionate nature that comes out of someone doing what they are born to do. His rise and fall also mirror the struggle many artist deal with when they sell their soul to the devil for fame. He obviously wanted out, but you see that is a pact that you cant easily get out of. Don't believe me? How about you do your homework and get back to me later. In the mean time watch this video and tell me what you think about the return of X!

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