Thursday, August 13, 2009

Right-winged Militia groups on the rise since Obama's Presidency!

No offense but are you the least bit surprised?! People like this make me SICK! Hatred is the new black! I swear these people are so silly too because the "evidence" they use to support their hate is nearly always 1000% speculation, manipulation, and distortion! And that is the small percent of them with actual intellect. I dont care if I start to sound biased but im tired of these hillbilly inbred christian white supremest southerners getting all riled up over every single rumor they hear. This make me wonder why people try so hard. I know the open ones are a small minority but its not them that I am worried about... Its the ones that smile in your face and have "debates" with you and supposedly come to an intellectual agreement, when in actuality spend the rest of the day with their buddies bashing you and your opinions. Those are the ones that can do real damage, because there is strength in numbers and people like that outnumber us all!

Oh and if the first clip didnt do it check out Rep. David Scotts mail

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