Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama chooses Sen. Biden as running mate!

Well he finally made his decision and it seems we aren't gonna have a super ticket. But the reality of this selection is that all of Obama's down sides or weakness are nullified due to the fact his running mate has served in the senate for 30 yrs (experience), lead the foreign policy department for a term (foreign policy experience) and was a chair in the judiciary department (sound judgment). I feel like Obama made a good decision because he will have a litmus test and a wise voice behind him at all times. Although Biden can be a bit long winded and in some cases a bit too real, hopefully he wont put his foot in his mouth. Case and point I dont want to hear anymore talk about experience, especially since our current two term president had less experience than Obama when he won in 2000. Anyways lets see how this plays out, I wonder who Mccain is going to select?

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Joyful said...

I'm a little nervous about this choice - although I don't want HRC in the white house I do want HBO in there so maybe he shoulda just picked her!

McCain and Obama currently in a dead-heat!