Monday, August 4, 2008

Plies = Rossed - Dont Believe the Hype.

first of all look, the whole trick daddy tellin folks dat rick ross was a CO is bullshit, trick didnt say dat shit, trick didnt put the pictures out, he even said so himself. However Ross was a CO but fuck it, it seem like im da only one who knows who pulled the plug on his ass.

Like i said in my last blog, Florida rappers is all gonna be exposed in due time, see when Brisco tried Jacki-O Rick Ross didnt come to her defense, instead he went and wifed Jacki-Os main rival, Foxy Brown. If you heard and paid attention to the Jacki-O interview you remember her saying she knows too much, and from now on she exposin everybody. So why yall muh fuckas runnin around blamin Trick Daddy of all people its all RUMORS, Jacki-O pulled the plug on Ross, now she pullin the plug on Plies.

She goin all around the region puttin out dirt on all these niggas, look

Plies conplete criminal record from his 21st birthday till now (32)

contradictory with his lyrics? NO SHIT, 99% of mainstream rappers lie and are fake to a certain extend, its entertainment and they get paid lots of money for it.

My opinion personally i dont agree with the bullshit they rap about because if your not living it, dont speak it, Slip N Slide, Def Jam, Aftermath, its not New Line Cinema, its not Pay per View i give a fuck is Khaled THINKS hes makin Moo-Vies, yall aint actors. The majority of hip hop fans are young and impressionable teenagers, and rappers like ross, plies, young jeezy, who rap about criminal activities that they do not take part in are influencing kids to be "like them" even though thats not who they really are outside of rap. Niggas like me who know the difference and know better than to believe everything a rapper says is a different story, I could care less. If a rapper is "fake" they simply lose respect? But i never knew nor respected any rapper to begin with I just enjoy music, maybe more fans should do the same.

However these recent stories regarding Florida rappers "street cred" is a bad look for southern rap as a whole. Recent interviews of New York rappers like Maino about the subject show large groups of New Yorkers laushing at Ross' humiliating situation. Again like I said in my last blog, Inner State beef between Floridians is all it takes for everything to come crumbling down.

Who all know of course that Ross could infact have been a CO and still be a part of the criminal underworld, so why deny it? Rick Ross is on this weeks DUMMY LIST. Admit it, say you only did it for a short period of time or simply to gain connections, now after lying he has to continue to lie to save face, but they ALREADY SHOWED THE NEGATIVE.

As For Plies

My only problem with Plies, i dont get it. Why?
Why what Bill Anderson?

Why is Plies tryin so damn hard to be a thug. I mean an untold truth about Algernod Washington is that he may be the most educated individial in music. However i asked myself, with his level of intelligence why would he try to poytray himself as someone so ignorant? Because hes a mutha fuckin goon Bill Anderson! haha, well although im a fan of his music I dont believe the hype. Not because of criminal records on any bullshit like that it doesnt matter to me. What matters to me is a 32 year old man with a MASTERS degree from a well established University walking around with gold teeth talkin bout hes a goon. Lets be real fo a minute, those of us in or who have attended college, how many goons graduated with masters degrees? Shit, goons dont even take AP classes, or show up to class for that matter. yea look I understand i cant judge every book by its cover, which is true, but to have a Masters degree in engineering (which he does have) that requires passes 4 levels of calculous, which is not a fuckin game. So I cant but help think when hes rappin about creepin in niggas bushes wit a AK back in the day, he was actually at home studying and tutoring under-grads. Dont get me wrong there is nothin wrong with bein as smart as Plies is, thats a very good thing and he should be proud of himself, but whats the use in being that smart if your just going to play dumb to fit in. Although his raps tend to have a "huggin on my mama from a jail cell" tupac type theme, it is documented that out of all cities Plies has even been a resident his first arrest came at age 30. This is why you fans should NOT believe the hype, just enjoy music.

Former USF student Algernod L. Washington could of been many things, with his brain, what did he choose to be?

a Goon.

i wonder whos next to be, Rick Rossed.


%Hunnid-proof% said...

Yo this post is Sick! Its true, especially the part in the top where u said u didnt care about khaled thinkin he makes Moovies lol! this is some real shit.

Born2Lead&2Succeed said...


"Do I look like Plies"

Bust IT BAYBAY right in the middle of Advanced Calculus...

Shaun Benjamin said...

Ey look to whoever wrote this post.. I think theres really nun wrong with rappin about stuff you didnt do because hiphop is entertainment.. To the kids who are influenced by bad lyrics they really shouldnt be believin everything they hear in music.. HipHop is for rappers nt criminals, if record labels started signing talentless criminals we wouldnt have hiphop... Hiphop would be so dumb and full of criminals who cannot rap but have murdered or sold drugs in the past.. So I dont blame rick ross and plies they wanted to keep their images because they are rappers..GET IT STRAIGHT..yeh there are a few good criminals who rap but the successful ones are the ones who arent criminals or are stronger rappin than stealin or hustlin wyte...

Showeezy AKA Vonslick :D

FireBrand said...

Y'all never met thugs in school? Also...y'all didn't know people that hung around a particular "element" in school?

I'm not saying much, I'm just saying...

I knew people with criminal records in highschool that hung around thug-types who now have two undergrad degrees, a masters, a mortgage and a family.

Some of them still wear golds. "shrugs".

I don't have a love for certain subject matter anyway. I just think it's weird how people love to place artists and individuals into boxes. Has life EVER been that simple, concrete, black & white?

Anonymous said...

There a picture of Plies in University of Florida hall at jacksonville, fl in a suit with some white people around him, in his hand a masters degree, no gold teeth, no diamonds....