Saturday, August 30, 2008

POLITICS As Usual. Right?

First of all i'd like to state that I'm neither democrat nor republican, I am simply an observer. Although I am an african-american male my opinion comes to you without bias' of any kind. Presidential candidates John McCain & Barack Obama certainly possess the ability to create excitement among both of their respected political parties, however neither McCain or Obama are as strategically inclined as the media may lead you yo believe. I am in no way calling the two Presidential frontrunners dummies but they certainly are not using their best judgement when it comes to their picks for Vice President.

I am mainly disappointed in Sen. Barack Obamas choice, when Hillary Clinton clearly would of gained the democratic party more support than a 60+ year old relatively unknown face. For the past few months in politics Sen. Obama and Clinton have been the most talked about, publicized and popular political candidates, not only among democrats but in the media as well. Although Joe Biden has the foreign policy experience and the years of work put in the capital of the United States, he simply cannot deliver the votes and fan support that a Hillary Clinton can. Joe Biden has been a success, and his morals are unquestionable, but Sen. Clinton carries with her millions of women and pro-choice voters who after the disappointed end to Hillary's run will not support Obama. I see it like this, if you were to put the two most popular politicians of the past couple years together on a ticket it would be virtually impossible to lose on election day. I see no way possible Barack could of lost this election if he went with Clinton. Not only does Clinton carry female support, she also carries pro-choice and homosexually votes aswell, unlike Sarah Palin who believe it should be illegal for gays and lesbians to be couples (not married, but couples). Statistics show that gays are more likely to vote than african americans. I do not support homosexuality but i support Obama and those are much needed votes in a close election that he will face.

Joe Biden may have a thicker resume' than Hillary Clinton but he will never have the amount of support. What Sen Obama did was over-analyze the consequences of choosing Clinton over Biden. In his mind he did not want to face off against republicans bringing up past contradicting disagreements between Clinton and Himself. Thinking literally, as popular as Obama and Clinton are nobody would even care what the McCain campaign had to to say about them. It will be extremely hard for Sen. Obama to win over the Clinton supporters, although she has publicly endorsed Barack and Joe Biden and they both have publicly paid homage to Clintons historical run many Hillary fans remain skeptical, as there is still disappointment in both the way Hillary was treated and the fact that she was not chosen as the VP.

A day after Obamas historical speech, in an attempt to take the spotlight off of the Senator John McCain announced that his running mate for the republican party will be Sarah Palin. Palin, another relatively unknown character in most media circles has made many headlines as of late becoming one of only women chosen to run for the VP. Being that she is so unpopular and lacks the experience of a Joe Biden this is a very risky play by John McCain. You'd think that after Barack Obama went left field with his pick that McCain would go after the likes of a Rudy Giuliani or a John Edwards, someone with a little more voter support than Sarah Palin. Obviously an attempt to gain female voters this could very likely backfire on McCain seeing as Palin is unknown to most of the world outside of Alaska. However the media has given Palin much praise and Republicans and women alike have been highly supportive of the decision McCain has made. However I personally would of liked his chances much better had he went with a more acclaimed political personality i.e. Rudy Giuliani.

McCain will get the majority of his support from Upper-middle class white collar businessmen. I doubt that alone will get him elected in November but he still has a chance depending on the voters reaction to Sarah Palin in a few more days. 

While most of middle-working class America will likely vote Obama Biden due to their emphasis on re-implementing "the American Promise" and their yet to be proven guarantees about tax cuts and economic improvements. Sen. Obamas highly praised speech pushed him just ahead of McCain but is it enough to make him the next President of the United States? Although most states in the U.S. are majority middle class and statistically in Obamas favor we all know the voting process can present many problems. Ballots must to be checked thoroughly and by HONEST indivuals selected by respected State leaders to prevent tampering and such moral and illegal activity. 

The Pros & Cons

John McCain/Sarah Palin

Pros - Political Experience, support of upper class America, Navy Commander

Overall interest in keeping American wealthy

Cons - state he will not enforce equal pay for women, pro-life against a woman's right to choose, anti-gay, little to no minority and working class support

Overall interest in keeping Americas economy the same

Barack Obama/Joe Biden

Pros - middle-working class support, pro choice on abortion and homosexuality, promises tax cuts and lowered gas prices, tremendous amounts of celebrity support and fund raising, plans to bring troops home

Overall interest in improving Americas economy and increasing job opportunities and employment.

Cons -  Loss in female support, little upper class/white collar voter support, has yet to reveal his "plan for change"

Overall his promises remain to be seen.

Great Speech Barack
Lets see what McCain has to offer.


%Hunnid-proof% said...

I feel you on this post... Its obvious that Mccain is tryin to garner the women vote, whereas Obama simply took all the lack of experience criticism and replaced it with someone with enough experience for the both of them. They both made some questionable decisions in their VP picks but i guess we will find out for sure come Nov.

Born2Lead&2Succeed said...


The VP does nothing...Hes/Shes just a figure head...LOL kinda just as much as The President!

Im sick of all this political bullshit...Im super tempted to change my minor...FUK POLY-SCI...Ive lost all hope in Government!