Thursday, December 11, 2008

YAH!!! TRICK!!! YAH!!!

If yall missed this last spring well here is the re-up. The story is about a ATL chick who they now call "Soulja Girl" who goes off on the Marta (subway) Train on an elderly woman. The whole thing was caught on tape and it was basically the equivalent of a Boondocks "Nigga Moment" except it was real. Its a good laugh but it sure as hell reinforces some negative stereotypes...

"Anybody wanna see Young Jeezy kill George Bush!?" HAHA I know its on your top ten for ignorance... Well anyway the Old lady sued her ass! But out of the goodness of her heart the charges were dropped, but not before her business was put out on the street. Apparently she was Bi-Polar and never took her medication. I guess that makes it a lil less funny (not really) but anyway here is footage of the court proceedings.