Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it me or are madd players ODing this year in the NBA???

Exhibit A: Lebron Dunks on Toronto 7 TIMES!!!

Exhibit B: Melo Scores more in the 3rd than most people do in entire games

Exhibit C: B Roy hits a dagger of a three ball to win against the Rockets in OT

EXhibit D: Wade puts up 43 on Phoenix with style

Those are just a few examples of great moments this year in the league but IDK for some reason I feel like the NBA has received a real boost, the games seem to have more defensive plays and players seem to be really getting into it this year. Its could just be me but I've never watched this many regular season games this early with this much satisfaction.


Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

Can't stand Wade. And he needs to realize he has 2 hands and 4 teammates on the court at once.

%Hunnid-proof% said...

why do you always need to hate on somebody? Wade is nice, hands down, and he does drop dimes just ask Shawn Marion. But yea this wasn't a Wade post anyways, this was a look at how exciting the NBA is this year post, comment on that! LOL