Sunday, December 28, 2008

Black women walking...

I can sympathize with much of the topics that are discussed in this clip, but as a black male who doesn't spend his time harassing random women on the street I feel as though there are a few misconceptions and or responsibilities that are not being shared.
I am fully aware of the excessiveness and crudeness of harassment and how it can make someone feel, especially in group situations, But these women speak as though that only Black Women face this scrutiny as if the demographics are so far apart. Whether white, latino, asian, or black there will always be a battle of the sexes. Im sure a group of huddled men will gawk at a beautiful woman in rio the same way they would at a gorgeous girl in milan. Its not a racial thing at all yet this clip has women basing their opinions solely on personal observation an thats pretty lame to me. Also it was almost as if the tape was insinuating that every moving black man is out searching for the next black girl to harass. ALSO LAME! Anyway watch this for yourself, and bear in mind I am not saying its some feminist movement propaganda but its important to look at this with a objective eye because there seems to be an heir of inconsistency and lack of personal responsibility in this 8 min clip.

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