Friday, June 27, 2008

Believe it!!!

Somebody needs to sign my boy Saigon for real! Shout out 2 JustBlaze for lacin this track up lovely... This needs spins so imma set the example an put it up on the Bridge! Hip Hop stand up!


Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

Didn't this guy punch Prodigy and run away? Isn't he on the end of Big Mike's mixtapes, like track 23's and track 24's?

Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

Oh.. and the song is kinda weak to be honest.

%Hunnid-proof% said...

Imma have to disagree wit u on that one Nate... The song is pretty hot if u really listen to it. The hook is hot, plus the 2nd and 3rd verse are solid, the first verse is a lil pop but its still good. But hey its a matter of opinion so if u say its weak das jus how u feel.