Friday, June 27, 2008

Lyrical Larceny vol.1

This is the first edition of a lil something I call "Lyrical Larceny" and I really wanna know what everybody thinks about it. Have you ever listened to a song and felt like the featuring artist was so hot they basically stole the track? Weezy basically does that on every Khaled joint, but im talking more along the lines of how Eminem bodies Hov on the track "Renegade".

Larceny- the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another from his or her possession with intent to convert them to the taker's own use... So thats the definition by the book, but this segment is a lil different. Heres the rundown, Basically from time to time we'll put two or three tough cases of "Lyrical Larceny" and its up to you to let us know who's really runnin the track. Here are your first cases...

Redman Vs. Busta Ryhmes- Da Goodness

Beanie Seigel Vs. Freeway- Roc da Mic

Talib Kweli Vs. Kanye West- In The Mood
Aight so these are the cases this time! Deliberate and hit me back with your Verdict!


Bill Anderson said...

every khaled track?

hmmmm lets see

im so hood remix - wayne is the worst on the song, next to baby

out here grindin - wayne is the worst on the song

brown paper bag - wayne is the worst on the song

when exactly does he steal the show?

%Hunnid-proof% said...

are u kidding me??? More people sing waynes part for im so hood than any other part, how about we taking over, brown paperbag he bodies hes not the best on it but hes not the worst and out here grindin just came out whocares... Weezy HATER! How about u diliberate on the cases and tell me who beats who on the track Mr. Anderson LOL!

%Hunnid-proof% said...

Here are my verdicts!

"Me and my man jumpin out Sedans
Tappin your jaw, like Sugar Ray did Duran
I, execute like wars in Beirut
Twenty-two inch rims to parachute out the Lex Coupe" Redman

My first verdict puts Redman just slightly ahead of Busta... Not hatin on Busta's verse but Red's metaphores are insane!

My second gives a unanimous decision to Freeway... Especially his third verse! "All of y'all need to Run yo'self!"

And for my last decision I had to give it to my boy Kanye- although Talib's lyrics were much more refined, Kanye's delivery was top notch... "Dat girl got a silicone booty!"

So this match up only left one headliner the victor in my book... But I wont lie even my verdicts are up for debate!

Bill Anderson said...

long as da nigga wayne keeps half-assin his shit fuck him. ima play da carter 1 and 2 until he gets hungry again, or finds a new ghost writer

fuck u, im William T. Anderson

%Hunnid-proof% said...

lol aight well u do that... Meanwhile imma be singin "Young Wayne on dem hoes AKA Mr. Make it rain on dem hoes!" HAHA!

cjnick said...

Artist have been doing it for years.Can you really call it larceny? Especially if it makes the track sound better. Who is really going to complain about it? We live in a microwave music generation. As far as lil weezy is concerned his voice wants to be heard so why not put him on every track. If it is what the people want, then it is what the people will get.

Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

Actually Wayne has messed up a lot of features he has been on lately. He has had the worst verses on many tracks including, in my opinion, Shorty Lo's "Dey Know."
The song Renegade was actually old. Eminem made the beat for Royce Da 5'9 and just 'gave' it to Jay-Z. (I recall Eminem saying in a song.. "I did beats for Jay-Z for free!")
On 'Da Goodness' I gotta go with Redman on this one. I believe that Busta was still getting out of his immature and wild stage. Redman had well mastered his craft by this fourth album single.
'Roc Da Mic' has to go to Freeway. It seemed that he was a little bit more hungrier than Beans. Lyrically I know that Beans is better than Freeway, however, I think that Seigel intentionally took the backseat roll to let Freeway shine.
'In the Mood' go to Talib. Although this was hard to rank because I feel that the song's verses went from better to worse from beginning to end. Talib got the first verse over Kanye but then lost the last verse to Kanye. Being that Mr. West had one verse to Kweli's two, it doesn't seem fair. Nonetheless, the first verse overshadowed Kanye's verse over the third verse.