Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blacks given "ghetto names" in SoCal yearbook

At Charter Oak Highschool in Covina California members of the BSU (Black Student Union) were outraged to see that under pictures of their club there were intentional ghetto names instead of their actual ones. Names like "Tay Tay Shaniqua," "Crisphy Nanos" and "Laquan White" just to name a few. So now they students and their parents are calling for a reprint and an apology.

All I have to say is I hope they get the reprint because this kind of "Racial Prank is unacceptable... What if the BSU ran the yearbook and called the white students Billybob or Marybeth just for fun? I think the yearbook director should really be job hunting right now for lettin this one slide...

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