Friday, June 27, 2008

Give life a Shot

The Supreme Court has never given a definitive interpretation of the 2nd amendment & on Tuesday the Supreme Court met to decide if it would be lawful to ratify the constitution. The Court ruled in favor of the 2nd amendment right that any law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms. The amendment was derived from the intelligent minds of our former presidents and intellectuals of our nation. This amendment was structured for the personal protection of ones self and from the government. The importance of this ruling would have affected everyones rights to defend themselves against injustice from our government and/or the evils that lurk in our streets. The minute we lose our rights to our own privacy and defense is the moment we sacrifice our freedom; from which our country was built upon.  The Supreme Court stated that the ban  which has been in affect for 32 years, hasn't made a significant decrease on gun violence on the streets which was one of the reasons the ban didn't seem to be working. The only harm the ban was permitting was the innocent lives lost when the law abiding citizens were helpless against the illegal usage of weapons from gangs, thieves, and murderers.
Surely a victory for guns rights! Surely a victory for the people!

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%Hunnid-proof% said...

To be honest im still a bit shocked that four judges voted the other way on this one. Outlawing guns wont stop people who already disobey the law! Im glad I still have the right to pack heat, **CLICK CLICK** LOL...