Friday, June 27, 2008

Sex offenders sue Georgia Church

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 Now the sex predators & offenders have sued a Church in Georgia because they choose to not permit the predators to volunteer on the church grounds. First of all I support the Churches decision 110% with no doubt and I know I'll probably get some whiplash because of my blunt opinion but bring it on! If I had children I would not want the constant fear that while their learning about the miracles of Jesus; their teacher is secretly picturing my child naked. Their are not many offenses that causes such hatred as child sex offenders and should count themselves lucky not to be shot by civilians once their released on parol.  Sex crimes are becoming more frequent as time elapses, woman have been targeted in more public places and  children under the age of 10 have been assaulted more then ever recorded. Now these perverts will touch themselves to a toddler; how sickening is the world we live in. Since Georgia is one of the most populated registered sex offender states ( estimated 15,400 reg. sex. off. ); the law decided it was time to make moves. The lawsuit ended in a ban that sex offenders are not allowed to work in church kitchens, sing in the choirs, or volunteer in any aspect on Church grounds. If a sex offender violates these new provisions the legal punishment would be 10-30 years behind bars.
 Here are some quotes from Pastors and Representatives so you can read it for yourself. I bet you'll be able to see who's against this choice and whose for it.....

*"It’s designed to protect children, to keep people who have a history of pedophilia or sex crimes against children away from children so they’re less likely to repeat," said David Ralston, a Republican state representative and one of the measure’s sponsors.

*"Thieves, robbers, murderers — we give them all a second chance," said Mark Hanson, senior pastor at New Beginnings Tabernacle, a small evangelical ministry in Buchanan, Ga.

*"Let’s not forget that people on the sex offender registry have ways of getting off it," said Eric Johnson, president pro tem of the state Senate and author of the legislation. Johnson told that with the passage of time and through appeals, individuals can lobby to have their names removed.

So basically its up to you to read the facts and make valid your own belief. Few sex offenders have recovered from their (illness)  so why give them an opportunity to just (mess up) again with you or your child. Its called prevention and taking action, as people I think its a duty to protect ourselves and others to our  best ability; there are not many evils we encounter in life that we can control or prevent, so once we find a way to control one evil we should to the highest degree and the best effort.
Just in case you are a female reading this or you have children of your own Im including the link to the National Sex Offender Registry so you can locate predators that may live near you. So please take advantage of our public records and take the time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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