Saturday, June 28, 2008

Behind The Scenes (Southern Rap)

Lets call this the drama hour.

Story One

Right now Hip Hops Spot Light is centered mainly on Miami artists, with the only few exceptions being other Floridian rappers and southerners in their own right (ATL, NO). But there is a lot of bullshit goin on behind the scenes that people dont know about, and the media refuses to reveal. Far beyond the obvious drug influence in the southern music scene is a lot of fuck nigga shit happening off camera as well. One of Miamis hottest up and comers Brisco is making his mark on Cash Money Records and Poe Boy Ent. Real Respect Real, but only a pussy would threaten to slap a female in a room full of niggas. Lets keep it 100, i fuck with Brisco, his music is hot, but Jacki-O is a woman and she from yo same city! Yall was on the same label, if you dont like her atleast respect her. On the set of Lil Waynes latest video shoot for his 2nd single "A Millie", Jacki-O was invited, little pleased with Briscos "whats up Jack", Brisco then replied by "well fuck you then bitch!". After confronting the "Opa-Locka Goon" for his comments he then threatens to "slap the shit" out of Jacki-O. Come on nigga, im not Jacki-Os numba 1 fan but what the fuck is you thinkin right there. I was just tellin one of my niggas the other day, watch the words you use with these WOMEN, because it can and will come back to hurt you, they will go off and lose it, and Jacki-O did.



The question im thinking to myself is, how can a room full of MEN ( or so called) let this go down. Judging from Jacki's interview these types of behaviors are typical. How can southern rap succeed without our women behind it? The majority of the fans, ticket buyers, ALBUM & RINGTONE buyers are women. 70% of the money they see are from women. Female fans are to rappers what male fans are to football, ask LL Cool J. Plies would be a regular ass thug wanna be without his female audience. Obviously they still do have a huge female fan base, but how long will that last if this is common treatment with Miami artists. Lets see how many female fans Mystikal still has.

Clear enough? Brisco i fuck wit u, but you a pussy if this is how it went down. Jacki-O been reppin Miami before you was acknowledged, you was bout 19 when her first album came out. She aint just some dumb hoe from off da block, mind ya manners nigga.

Story Two

A little less than a year ago Atlanta was runnin the hip hop scene, with the likes of T.I, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, the emergence of Shawty Lo and re-emergence of Andre3000 leading the way for the state of Georgia. However the tide has changed, and the focus has now switched over to the State of Florida, due largely in part to the success of local DJ and personality Khalid. The success of his remixes and mixtapes has lead to a Florida movement. For other southern artists not from the state of florida, it seems that they have had to cling on to Khalid in many cases just to keep their buzz. You start to notice a trend in Khalids music, the artists rarely vary its most likely Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, Plies, Trick Daddy, Brisco all sharing one beat. Rappers who do not follow this trend often fall on deaf ears (Gucci Mane, Jody Breeze, Gorilla Zoe) all of which have achieved former success. However it seems recently that Khalid is at the forefront of the Southern revival. Just as the G-Unit phase died down because of redundancy, just as the Atlanta hype faded as the majority of the southern heavy weights allied themselves with Khalid, I cant help but think that in only a matter of time Floridas recent shine will see cloudy days. In city and cross county beefs do not help, especially when we are in a position to put Florida on top, we have no time be be divided. Miami vs Fort Myers, Miami vs Miami, Broward Vs Miami its all BULLSHIT, because God can fuck us all up, believe it. Lets keep the game watchin us, keep it original, keep makin classics, keep the clubs on lock. if every south nigga is against each other we might aswell be New York (jay z vs nas, 50 vs fat joe, cam'ron vs jim jones, jadakiss vs 50) fuck dat bullshit. If haters dont like that its our time to be on top can dey can jump off 95.

Story Three

Since every other southern state is going through a recent drought when it comes to popularity, we have a lot of wanna-be, bandwagon celebrities jumpin on Floridas dick. I mean damn, before Trick Daddy and Trina got dey huge fame and what not niggas wouldnt piss on Florida if we was on fire. They would take they little clique over to south beach and shoot videos and shit but NOW, they wanna shoot videos in Florida hoods, makin random cameos an shit just to be in the Florida spotlight (Overtown, Lil haiti, Pork n beans, ect.), think about it, why would a celebrity be on a random gutta ass block in south florida unless he thought it could give him some shine. Cut it out dawg just cause your city aint on top now, go cameo in flatbush nigga. cameo in marcy, magnolia, cabrini green, jordan downs, do you, dont do us. I see niggas shootin videos in hoods they aint even from. Cut out the fake shit, it only makes you look bad. Stop namin Florida spots where you be at cause you aint from round here and I dont see you out here. Ok, New Orleans damn near sunk, sorry to hear it, but you still from Hollygrove, stop callin out Lil Haiti and Opa-Locka as if you be out there chillin. Not to sound like im hatin but damn can I shout out Compton? NO! im not fake homey.

Some of this flaw ass shit right here is kinks in our armor, I just wonder how long we gon hold up until I drop my mafuckin album.

Dats what it is, otherwise, keep God first and remember he can fuck us all up, second to him is Bill Anderson.

- Willie T. Anderson, FL
- Willie T. 33068 p.o. box, chillin w/ God blvd

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%Hunnid-proof% said...

WOW!!! Well done Mr.Anderson! This post is real as fuck! Brisco wak for that id have to agree... Especially since it was random, plus thats green as fuck too, thats how you know ur not big if u tryin to show out like its high school. Anyway this post is sick...