Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nader 2 Obama: He's just "talking White"

Ralph Nader has always been a noise maker when it comes to political process. Now he has his sights on Obama, in an interview with "" he basically implies that Obama is playing "Uncle Tom" to keep from looking like Jesse Jackson. Now keep in mind that he is also independently a presidential candidate but where is the basis to claim that a man is "talking white" just because he hasn't said that he is going to save the ghetto's of America or what not. A small part of me can understand his sentiment but at the end of the day how is that talking white? So because he is selling himself to ALL Americans he is being a white person. All black candidates need to focus all their energy on saving the hood??? Nader thats a F*&%@# up way to look at it...

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Anonymous said...

i didn't know this was even an issue, but even till this day people stress race over and over again like thats the only reason to vote for somebody.
i just hope the people on BET did their research on the candidate rather than voting blinding solely based on color!