Monday, June 30, 2008

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy Beef in review!!!

Just in case you missed it here is the entire Ice-T, Soulja Boy fight! I just want to say at first I felt bad for Soulja Boy and thought Ice-T was outta line, but now I just dont know anymore... Its all pretty stupid to me but it does say something about Hip-Hop! U Decide for yourself...

The Warning Shot!

The Battle Begins!

The Nuclear Aftermath!

Now that we're all updated... Let me know what you think... Did Soulja Boy really kill Hip-Hop? Are the other rappers not keeping it on life support? Was Ice-T outta line? Or is Soulja Boy so wak it doesn't even matter? What ever it is let me know whats up!


Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

A good-ass topic! I am usually the one to side with a veteran but I gotta go with the youngster on this one. Ice T has an album coming out and it will be a smart move to diss someone that is hot right now to catch a buzz before your release. Now when I say hot, I don't mean lyrically gifted. I mean hot as in that person is in the spotlight, that person is getting spins on the radio, that person is selling, that person is seen often.
How can Ice T talk about Hurricane Chris with the beeds in his hair when he himself sported a greased up rat tail for a decade. Then to tell Soulja Boy that he needs to just accept with he said and not respond... WHAT THE PHUCK!?! Someone that doesn't know me is going to tell me to eat a dick and I am supposed to accept it because he is older than me?! Nah.. Sorry. Ice T.. PHUCK YOU! People are not going to side with Ice T on this one. In case he didn't know, he is damn near forgotten. He is only talked about because of his attractive wife. I never hear anyone quote his lines or anything. This isn't nothing but pure hate.. And being a hater, myself, I can accurately spot a fellow hater.
He likes Jeezy and Wayne but not Soulja Boy? Hmmm..
On a side note.. What is up with Soulja Boy's entourage in the back. They looked like drones just staring at the camera and monitore. The one dude was trying to inconspicuously show off his chain. Oh well, they're young. But Ice T, you are not. "Old Ass Nigga!"

teet042284 said...

to agree wit Nizzle Ice-t was outta of line because how can you tell someone doing what they have to, to survive to eat a dick, i think his song cop killer was wack but no one criticzed him for it except the media. like Soulja boy said if ur a vet in the game and im killing hip hop then inform me to make it better, let me know what to do right , im 17 and ur gonna tell me eat a dick. that is just nonsense and ice-t jus trying to get some hype for his new album and yeah that gonna look cool beefin wit a 17 yr old

cjnick said...

This beef is crazy, Ice-T was wrong for saying what he did, BUT I have to admit soulja boy did kill hip hop. Hip Hop as a whole has lost its meaning. Lets be honest can we really call Yah Bitch Yah music?!?!?!? I doubt it.