Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Are They Really That Nice?

This is the first ever edition of 'Are They Really That Nice?' The first person that we are going to dissect is Kanye West. Is he really that nice? Well, we gotta decide whether or not we are talking rapper or producer. Why not both?!

As a producer we will hear the same arguments over his knack and habit for sampling other peoples' music. Okay Mr. West. Enough is enough. I was about to stumble across listing of tracks called the Late Samples. It was an 'album' composed of songs that Kanye sampled for the Late Registration alone. This 'album' was 21 tracks long. I believe that that was the same amount of tracks on the album. Hmm..? His samples range from songs that most people of his genre will know as well as artists from other genres such at techno, rock, heavy metal and jazz. When I listen to a beat that Kanye has made (or put together), I find fun in trying to identify the song he sampled. Is it better to sample songs that people know or don't know?

Now as a rapper.. A very important and vital part of rapping is rhyming. There are plenty of words in the English language that you should not have to make up your own word or intentionally mispronounce it to make it rhyme. Unfortunately, but acceptable, people like Jeezy and T.I. can get away with this because of their southern accents. Kanye, I am sorry you are not gonna get away with saying things like 'apart-a-ment'. Lines such as 'Good morn-ian/ Look at the valedictorian/', and 'Don't ever fix your lips like collagen/ Before you say something you gon' end up apologin/. Sorry Mr. West, these type of things don't fly. This is something that Ice T should be making fun of. Not to mention the fact that he won the grammy for Jesus Walks after he cried about it at a previous award show. Only for us to find out that it was in fact his friend Rhymefest who actually wrote the song. He took the theme, beat and concept of Diamonds are Forever from Lupe Fiasco. And how many times have we heard Lupe d a freestyle and just mainly reword someone else's verse.
You let me know, is he Over-Rated and need to be Rated-Over?

Here are some tracks to listen to.. Tell me if they sound familiar.

Conflict Diamonds - Lupe Fiasco

Ill erase the pain - Whatnauts

Wildflower (Kanye West - Drive Slow) - Hank Crawford

Today Wont Come Again (Sampled For Hey Mama) - Donal Leace

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%Hunnid-proof% said...

Alright u break em I build em! First off lets just talk about sampling for a second... Rocafella and Kanye had to pay big time cash to get those samples, so wait you mean to tell me that a man who knows music sooooo well that he can do his homework and make beats off of classics that would have otherwise died, is wak? I guess that means a whole lot of hip hop is trash. All the way back to rappers delight, half of De La Soul's career, Puffy, Biggy, Jay-Z, Wyclef, Jurassic 5, Nas, the roots, dr.dre, LL cool J, Rakim, eminem, G-unit, Nigga even MC hammers biggest hit cant touch this was a sample so ur sample point is stupid, Its part of the game... I didnt even give you all the people I know, there are countless more... If you want jus one of my lists go here


after you look at that list let me know if people like Kanye shouldn't do it... The songs on that list are bonafide classics for the most part so if we strip them of the right yea I said it the "right" to sample we would have alot less GOOD music. So stop drinkin so much Haterade and stop tryin to listen to all these songs just to disprove Kanye's greatness... Dont be mad he heard it first and jumped on the opportunity to make these songs better. Take the song "I wonder" I dont care who sang it first, Kanye ripped it. So now I should be like naw son this shit is wak cus it was sampled... give it a rest.

Oh and make sure u add that he has created multiple full albums for many of your favorite artists like talib, common, lupe ect and not all of their songs are sampled. but watever.

Yo its fine to poke fun at the way he mispronounces his words but he's not the only one! Wanye has done it, Jay-Z, Andre 300, Mos Def, Common, Phife from tribe called quest, anyway madd niggas im tired of listin shit but yea. So wat! I think dat shit is clever, no offense too its shocking how many ppl didnt even notice some of those mispronunciations, I would point them out to some ppl and they would look at me like i gave them some kind of revelation! So in conclusion... Nate u are a hatin ass nigga... HATE HATE HATE HATE! An a Definite nominee for "Hater of the year" along side Ice-T, Bill Clinton, an the reigning seven year champ Osama Bin Laden. But yea if thats the basis for you sayin Kanye is over rated, I dare you to make a track by sampling that can remotely even hold a candle next to YE.
Have a nice day darky... lol U still my nigga but u shouldn't have ever fucked wit kanye LOL!