Friday, July 4, 2008

Lyrical Larceny vol.2

Its time for round 2 of Lyrical Larceny... This time things might be a lil bit tougher to decide, All of the songs today have multiple artist and at least two top notch verses in each... If you missed the first time around heres the drill. I post three songs where the featuring artists arguably out shine the main rapper, then you check them out an decide for yourself.

Today's Cases are:

Bun B vs. Pimp C vs. Young Jeezy vs. Jay-Z

Kanye vs. Nas vs. KRS-ONE vs. Rakim

Ghostface vs. G-Dep vs. Craig Mack vs. Keith Murray

Aight well it looks like yall got your work cut out for ya... Listen to the tracks and lemme know who stole the show! Peace...


Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

Hmm.. This is tough. Four artists per song this time.
First on the song "Get Throwed" we can go by process of elimination. We will take out Pimp C right off the top. Then Jeezy. Hov and Bun are close. I'm gonna have to say that Bun gets the edge over Jay. Nothing against Jay-Z but Bun B rode the beat so well.
On the Nike Classic track it is difficult. Not because they were all good. But because they are all good artists who collaborated not-so-good together. Not to mention, KRS-1 and Rakim used to rap about Adidas. I'll make this quick.. Nas.. Kanye.. Rakim and KRS-1 are neck and neck but it doesn't matter when it is a losing effort.
Wow.. Did anyone make sense on this song? I guess when the beat is hot it doesn't matter what you say.. (ex. 'Tougher than Nigerian hair...') Ghostface is last. Followed by Craig Mack almost entirely because of the over-hype for his verse which was mediocre. The best gotta be G-Dep and then Keith Murray. Not worth rating...

%Hunnid-proof% said...

Imma have to toss it Jay on get throwed, he brought that up north swagg on the track and really claimed it... Nas and Kanye tie in my book for Classic, and something bout Rakim's verse irks me, like he thinks the shit he says is ten times hotter than it really is (ex. fredro star on every Onyx track)... and as for special delivery G-dep and Keith body that song, I like Ghost's verse too its wild but still fresh. But yea as 4 craig mack... umm... yeaaaaaa... don know what to say about that.