Sunday, July 20, 2008

"One World, One Dream" MY A&%!!!

It has come to my knowledge that during the Summer 2008 Olympic Games all surrounding bars and clubs will not be serving or allowing "social undesirables." AKA Blacks and Mongolians!
If this doesn't raise any eyebrows let me break it down. "Bar owners near the Workers' Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises." I dont really understand China's beef with black people and some people online have been basically pointing the finger at African Americans for reinforcing stereotypes therefore warranting this type of legislation. Personally to me there is never an excuse for Racism and yet again China is making me sick with their stupid rules and superiority complex... heres the whole article

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phildaddy7 said...

this is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! but like my late grandfather used to tell me..."the problem is not skin, its sin" grandad