Tuesday, November 11, 2008

History! 7 day later!

OK OK I know its been a week but I had to chill because since we are talking about history in the fullest sense of the word I didn't want to get ahead of myself and talk extra reckless. Well now its been a week and I'm level headed again and can say with a smile " MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK, MY LAMBO'S BLUE!" LOL I had to do it... But on a more serious note, last tuesday will be a day that resides in my heart forever because I saw a true depiction of American democracy and how wonderful it really can be. This was a beacon of hope to the world that America is still very much the land of opportunity and gives anyone with the credentials and education the ability to be anything their heart desires. But thats not all that happened Nov. 4th 2008, oh no not at all. There is an ironic sense of intense pride who's irony stems only from the fact that 40 years ago this was not only an impossibility but would be considered an offense. This is a resounding statement to the true progress of our society (as a whole) because for once we can say that we made our decision not on tradition, not on comfort, but on the ability to lead and bring people together. Do you understand that we have a Black President-elect? I don't think people realize just how "crazy" that sounds... What if Iran had a Jewish president? Or China have a Mongolian descendant as its president ( or should I say dictator)? Would you not say wow that country has really made some change? Well that is the severity of what has occurred in this great nation. I know its deeper than that, I understand that its not all about that, but I think its only fair that people acknowledge the fact that America has elected a man who regardless his ethnicity his physical characteristics deemed him African American ( even tho technically he is in the actual most way you could possibly be lol). That is extremely refreshing, at least it should be, but for some reason its not... Not at all. You see the real story of race was not in the color of either candidates skin, but in the race they ran. I want to be the first to declare that the race was so ugly and engaging that it almost ruined this historical moment for me. Even still I am constantly seeing sarcastic quips and negativity that was foreign to me in 04. Mind you I am in Lynchburg VA, a town that went McCain 80% to 20%. Now i wont say this town as a whole was racist in least, I would rather deem this town to be more of a two issue evangelical town, and I honestly dare anyone to prove me other wise, because I have combed this town up and down asking questions and people were happy to tell me they voted for McCain on gay marriage and abortion and nothing more. Im not labeling them right or wrong im just giving you the setting of what im going through. You see people from this town can say some pretty remarkable things... An I mean profound, prophetic, and even psychic statements. You would think that they knew Barack his entire life, or that they received text messages from the future telling them how crazy things became. I don't want to get into the mud slinging just know that people say pretty much every crazy thing you could think of out here from racial epitaphs and mocking to statements like if you vote for Obama than you are not a Christian. So you can only imagine how quiet Lynchburg was on Nov. 4th. It almost messed it all up for me. ALMOST! But then I realized there were two ways to take this negativity, either revert it back and gloat in an arrogant egotistical annoying way or urge these very profound and self professed Christians to be that they confess to be and pray! I chose the latter and had a blast exercising it. How so you ask? Too many Facebook arguments to count, face to face confrontations in every setting from computer labs to class rooms, and lastly by just letting people know that its time to bring people together and end the divisiveness that reared its ugly head this year. So I looked at my predicament in a different light, You see I didn't vote for Obama because of his race or because I wanted to make history, I voted for him because I weighed all the options and was still at a stalemate but once I saw how disgusting certain supporters were and how there was no shame or limit to what they would do, say, or slander the decision was easy. You wont catch me standing along side hate, thats a negative. People attempt to justify their position but fail to condemn the disgusting nature of the supporters, where reality and past events show that the minute the shoe was on the other foot McCain supporters would have a field day. I say this because when ever we bring it into a discussion im always told its not that many people and that its just ignorance and it gets played down so much it makes me sick, where God forbid if Obama supporters were shouting racial epitaphs and going off Fox news would never stop covering it. LOL ok ok i vented, Im just saying. But yea I guess thats why im here, I wont lie 96% is OD! So there is no debating people on the fact that many black people voted for Obama solely on a race basis and the fact that its was in a sense "COOL" to Vote for Obama. And that is just wrong on soooo many levels, but so is voting against him for those reasons too and trust me there were many people going to the polls with that on their minds. But my point in saying that is that neither of those people describe me in the least. You see I have done the research, I have educated myself in all aspects of our govt. and this election to the point that my dump truck of knowledge has begun to tip over. So I guess there is a reason why I would end up in such a polarized place, because in many regard i have realized that I was a lone voice of reason to many people out here. Not to say I was truly alone, but as in lone i meant on issues, I sometimes felt like when I would bring up Gordon G. Liddy or the ACORN key note that my points would go way over peoples head. But I was cool with that and I guess I can just know that we are all put where we are in life for a reason and thats what keeps this event from being ruined in my eyes. So I want to say proudly God Bless America and I hope we can come together and be as strong as we ever were! Lets just be happy as a nation, thankful as people, and proud that history has been made. It is what it is and thats the TRUTH!

Oh and peep the Hov joint History... So relevant! LOL ( oh and this is for my boy Merrick and the dude that spent 2 hours arguing about whether Jay-z was Christian or not all i have to say is so what man, if you so worried go save him!)
History (Mastered) - Jay-Z


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