Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is Blake Griffin the next Michael Beasley?

Last night I was watching the Davidson vs. Oklahoma game on ESPN and I couldn't help but realize two very blatant things! Stephen Curry is OD, And Blake Griffin might be the next Michael Beasley... After watching Griffin put up 25 pts, 21 reb, shooting 60% from the floor, and in some cases running the floor from the 4 spot I just sat back and said "what can you do against that!?" Seriously I really don't know what could've been done? Usually you watch a game and say stuff like well if this guy had done that and this guy had done that, but last night I really cant put a finger on anything Davidson did wrong, i guess except box out... Steph put up 44 in dramatic fashion so in a way at least offensively he was the true star last night but for some reason those 21 boards from Griffin just spoke volumes. I don't want people to think Im judging him off this one game because in all honesty the kid is consistent but I can honestly say whole heartedly that Blake Griffin won that game, a game Oklahoma would've undoubtably lost to Curry and company if he didn't grab 21 boards. That to me cannot be overlooked... 

So the Beasley comparison comes along in terms of style of play, now do not get me wrong there are some differences in their game as in Beasley has more range in his game and more finesse. But Griffin has a Dwight Howardish dominance in his game and it translates well in transition and anywhere near the low post. Anyway its early in the season so I guess we should all just watch and see how this plays out. I think Blake will have as much impact if not more than Beasley did last year which is saying a lot because that means Oklahoma needs to go deep in the tournament in march. I guess only time will tell... Here are some highlights for you all to decipher yourself.

Blake Griffin Highlights

Michael Beasley Montage

As a bonus let me be first to say I think Blake might have more bounce than Mike, here is why:

Griffin winning Dunk contest that Beasley is also a contestant in

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