Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boredom can be intense... LOL

Have you ever been sooooo bored that you just engage in the most insane debates with your friends for no apparent reason??? I pretty much do it 4-5 times a week lol. Anyways im in one of those moods now and I was reminded of some of the crazy intense arguments that went on earlier this week. Here's the background, basically me and my boys are watching clips on Worldstar and we run into the "soulja boy and bow wow lambo race beef publicity stunt." Well during the clip I say "I can't stand Bow wow yo!" and my boy co-signs and says " I don't like him neither foo" (and yes I mean foo cus my boy doesn't pronounce his L's... country talkin a$$ Ni&&a.) Anyway this sentiment proceeds to enrage my other friend who seems to have a certain soft spot for the Columbus Ohio boy wonder. Now this in itself is not very interesting but where the argument led left me spinning in circles afterwards because I couldn't quite understand how it could possibly get there... Basically it went from arguing as to why Bow Wow was or wasn't wak to how ATL has "NO GOOD RAPPERS!" and how "JADAKISS IS BETTER THAN ANYONE FROM THE SOUTH EVER!" Both statements I of course was totally against but it got me thinking, are we really that bored to be thinking that crazy to say some of the stuff that comes out our mouths??? Its pretty funny when you think about it but people do this all the time, but only when they are super bored and thats funny because especially recently thats been a lot. Just something to think about. I mean seriously tho "No good rappers in ATL???" Meanwhile this same person was jammin to Young Jeezy and had Ludacris as his ringtone... Boredom makes people say some crazy $hit... LOL

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