Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honest Opinions? I was gonna wait before I decided to post this but I don't want it to lose its significance!

This is a political cartoon published for the world to see in the NY Post. In this image you see two officers right after shooting a monkey to death. The caption says it all, but I want to know how this makes "you" feel? What goes through your head when you see something despicable like this in a major news publication? All I think about is the simple fact that no matter how much the man has achieved already, he is still denigrated  to the likes of a common chimpanzee! This is an outrage at the least and is really discouraging, the worst part about it is that it really serves no purpose because it says nor depicts anything that can be referenced to the stimulus bill. I am all for freedom of speech but I think major publications should have a ban on stupidity! Any thought???

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Born2LeadAnd2Succeed said...

Heres the link to the ACTUAL chimp attack!,2933,497984,00.html

This makes me sick that something like this could even make it past the editor.

I understand that they didnt actually say anything offensive--ie no offensive words or referrence to Obama's name, but even an child could look at this picture and figure out what its implying! Lets just hope that we've made enough progress in America that children dont understand why they would associate Obama with a monkey....LETS JUST HOPE!!!

This is disgusting to me....utterly disgusting......