Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kanye talking about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation and also speaking on gays yet again

I've been hearing so much about Kanye lately from all my friends, pretty much mixed resolutions too. Most people ask me because I am a huge Kanye fan and have been one since "freshman adjustment". I always commended Ye for his brutal honesty and his creative outlook on life, I may not agree with him on all fronts but I definitely don't think he is crazy... I find it weird that people have no problem with rappers snitching on themselves, talking about the bricks they sold, smoking on camera, and making death threats ect. But let a nigga like Kanye say some real thought provoking shit and he's considered crazy.
He says some stuff about Gay's in general in this clip, and I want to know if his opinion on Gay's being human beings should cost him fans because if you haven't been listening word on the street is that he is losing fans because he isn't homophobic. This whole situation is silly to me but I guess its a societal thing...

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