Monday, February 23, 2009

Reggie Bush lays out some tips for women...

When asked about how Kim "Dont stop Ray J" Kardashian won his heart this is what he had to say:

“She cooked one of my favorite meals, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, candy yams and fried chicken and it was ridiculously good. “She’s the first girl that’s ever cooked a meal for me,” he added. “That’s honestly how she got me - with the food!” I was already stunned by how beautiful she is and then when she cooked the meal for me. And she’s pretty too, it’s done. You can’t ask for much more.”

Well well well, sounds like a match made in heaven. What man wouldn't want a girl who's mac and cheese is so good that you'd have to marry them? Lol, no but lets be honest because I hope thats not what really won him over. You would think he would say something like she takes care of me in a way no other woman has, or her insight and support are second to none, but naw this dude said she makes some bomb A$$ fried Chicken and she pretty too what more can you ask for. Dang bruh must be easy being that breezy...

Now this statement was perfectly harmless until he said she was the first girl to ever cook for me... Whoa! THE FIRST??? We all know Reggie dated black girls in college and throughout high school and if none of those girls cooked for him even once that is not a good look!

The irony that Kim could make soul food coming from the lavish background that she was bread in is absolutely insane to me. Looks like all those Reggie followers trying to win his attention were aiming at the wrong section. Everybody knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach lol!

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G. Money said...

lol...i personally dnt think Kim could cook candy yams and fried chicken and mac and cheese, corn bread by herself(cooking lessons)...and if it was RIDICULOUSLY good what is Reggie sayin bout his mother's cooking hmmm???