Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards :(

I wasn't going to do this but I have to... What happened last night? Seriously? How am I going to explain this to my peers? Last night was a big "Coon" circus and Michael Jackson costume party. I was so sad, I watched, I watched all of it! Not because it was entertaining or even good, I wanted to see how far they would go. It wasn't all bad though, don't get me wrong. Jaimie did a pretty good job since the circumstances were out of his control, but anything good I can say about the awards can be completely overshadowed by so many things that went horribly wrong. Hmmm where do I start? Well first off the fact that it was revamped was thoughtful but when we are talking about a legend there is no reason to rush greatness... Why not do a salute the way they did for Stevie? If MJ was so great to them? Then why would they rush and change the BET Awards and do a bunch of sloppy dedications instead of taking the time out to do it right? It was rushed heavily and it showed. But I can understand why it was that way, people didn't know what to do, we're talking about Michael Jackson so the rushing isn't my biggest beef at all. But the sorry performances were a major issue. Its a very bad day when Soulja boy tell em's "Turn my swag on" isn't the worst performance. It was just a mess through and through. Now no disrespect to Jay-Z, the Ojays, Neyo, Beyonce, Maxwell, and Jaimie at the end, they did their thing... EVERYONE ELSE FELL SHORT. POINT BLANK. But that still didn't do it for me, that wouldn't have ruined the awards for me alone, God no! The multiple miscued bleeps and the actual curse words that made it on live television, the way there were no nominees for any awards, just winners. I don't even know who got robbed or not!? The way that T-pain is still allowed to dress up like the cat in the hat and nobody tells him a damn thing! The way Drake and Wayne sang "every girl" with a 12 yr old and her friends on stage dancing like they grown. The way Don Cornelius was left on stage to read a teleprompter he obviously couldn't see for damn near 20 mins! The fact that Jaimie didn't know the camera was rolling like 4 or 5 times! The way Ving Rhames offended half of the world with his "Guns is Michael Jackson" comment (WTF tho for real!)! The way that just thinking about how great MJ is made everyone that went up on stage last night look so pathetic! To make it worse the Ojays went up and ended up ripping the stage better than the young people and somehow they weren't even fully respected the way they should've been... The fact that Jaimie acted like Jay-Z was the president the way he introduced his performance and Jay sang a song that pretty much disses Jaimie's entire CD??? The fact that my baby Keri Hilson was dressed like she just left the Pride festival! The fact that Tiny and Toya were even there, have their own show, and Tiny's nerve to even accept T.I.'s award with her broken English speaking ass! The fact that Frankie and Neffe are getting a show too further empowering crackheads to say "if she can get a show I can too!" And lastly but surely not least, Joe Jackson! How do you promote you new record label before your child is even in the ground!!! That just disgusted me so much! That's what did it for me, the fact I witnessed everything I just listed and the fact that anyone can watch it over and over again for a whole year... Do you understand what I'm saying "Anyone" can see this. Which is another example of how our short comings are always on main street while other communities can somehow micromanage some of their own pitfalls... I am going to link some of the bafoonery that went on last night so that you can see a glimpse of what im talking about... But before I do I want to make sure that something is also understood, most of my problems are with the image portrayed last night, not the artist' personally, take Keri for instance I still love her but im sure her performance was rushed together because if she had more time she would have killed. That's where my frustration is coming from, BET didn't put its best foot forward at all.

This is a Nas song called "These are our Hero's" and it came to life last night and I will prove it with some of the clips I put after it. But check this song out, I chose this video even tho they made fun of Kanye on it too and ya'll know how I see Kanye LOL, but the song is so real that I have to make sure you see it and understand.

Ok this is in my eyes the worst performance, sorry drake fans it sucked, and not just because of his ACL... The man doesn't even rap his whole verse??? Oh an check the R. kellyism being exhibited from (4:23) on. SMH!

Eddie Lavert cursing live on stage

Joe Jackson's crazy ass (why is he grinnin?) and the worst part is his biggest "announcement" was his wak blu-ray record label. OOOHHH he pisses me off to no end!

That sums up a lot of what happened last night negatively in terms of bad performances, horrible sound management, and just weird people in general, here are some of the positive sides of last night because they did happen too.

Thank God for Jaimie he in many ways saved this show... Seriously!

Jay-Z's Performance was pretty good not gonna front.

Last but not least Janet's appearance and the final tribute sung by Neyo and Jaimie... Classic moment.

Ok so im done ranting, I just wish that BET would've done it right... But hey its over now, so I guess that's the bright side :)


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

i agree 99%

I felt cheated watching Bey's performance. She would have been one to kill a MJ tribute, but she sung Ava Maria in a scanty, ugly wedding dress...and Sarah McLachlan's Angel. (wth?)

i felt cheated.

ciara can't sing, really, but at least she did a MJ tribute.

I wrote an email to BET today. It's officially banned.

Anonymous said...

I am so ashamed. At least now I don't feel bad I missed this fiasco. What was the point of the censors if they never hid the correct words. Terrible job BET.