Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hi Haters!-I'm Unbreakable

I heard something in church today I thought i should share. What you do with the message is really u to you. It was youth mass so the preacher today was 17. 17? What can he tell me right? I was surprised @ the stuff that came out of his mouth but I thought this was interesting.

Michael Jackson, he's been through it all. He was mocked for being dark, now he's mocked for being light. the rest of the allegations, I'd rather not go into, they're allegations. Hate him or love him was the best example he could have picked. Surely God gave him the best example. Anyway, his album "Invincible" released Oct 2001. The first song on it "Unbreakable". He wrote that song for all the haters. If you not doing anything, you cannot have haters. So yeah, back to the song, you should take the lyrics of the song and write "Dear Satan" in the beginning of the them. Mixing secular with the bible works to your advantage if you use it right because we all go through the same stuff in our walk with the Lord. So go and say to your haters, "Hi haters", lol and let's not forget "thank you for making me better". That's where "keep your friends close and your enemies closer applies. They build you up and they're good for you. And when doing things, don't worry about what people have to say, Jeremiah 1:8. Just do what you have to do and you'll be fine and happy. Don't do things to make others happy, it'll probably just make you sad and it's just wasted time pretending to be what you are not. Do you because TRUST the person/people you are trying to impress is/are doing them.

Ok in closing, I was watching Baldwin Hills a few weeks back and Kirk Franklin said if you don't have any haters, you not doing anything right. Those who didn't like this because of the Christian collabo, I can't say I'm sorry for putting this up. Just get what you get from this and I hope you got something from it.

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Born2LeadAnd2Succeed said...

WOW! Its always nice to be encouraged in your walk...especially when you feel like everyone is against you! BUT as you said if you dont have haters your not doing anything right...People LOVE to hate on successful people, lets be honest! So if we all walk around and not let our haters bother us, then we can spend more time focusing on how to be even more successful (spiritually and physically)

Good post...