Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lyrical Larceny vol.3 *R&B Edition*

This week the tracks I chose are all classic R&B hits that would be nothing without their Hip Hop features! Have you ever heard a song or remix that just wouldn't be the same if there wasn't a hot verse in it... Take Chris Brown's first album, both "Run it" and "Poppin" don't even sound close to their remixes. We can even go back farther to Joe with "Stutter" or "Don't Wanna Be a Playa" all of those tracks gained tons of flavor by adding rappers to the mix... At least in my opinion. So this week its the Singers against the Rappers... Its up to yall to decide who owns the track! Jury its time to deliberate!

112 Vs. Lil Zane
Anywhere - 112

Brandy Vs. Kanye
Talk About Our Love (Featuring Kanye West) - Brandy

Mya Vs. Jay-Z
Best Of Me (Remix) - Mya

Aight listen up and let me know who takes over the track for real... Be honest too, if the singers really run it and the rhymes were weak say it, an if you can imagine the whole track being a rap song say that too. Have fun wit it yall... Peace!


phildaddy7 said...

112 beats Zane..although Zane wrote his verse in 20 minutes..last minute thing.

Kanye and Brandy...draw

And Jay-Z steals the track from Mya

%Hunnid-proof% said...

112 kills the song but I gotta give it to Zane on this track, I know every word to that verse... It might be his best verse ever... I know sad but still good 4 this type of track!

I think Brandy took this song even tho Kanye's verse is great but I love how she sounds on this track she really shows some range.

An theres no point arguing on the Jay-z an Mya track... CLASSIC VERSE!

Oh for the record I was trying my hardest to find "Still not a playa" By Big Pun feat. Joe and "Why dont we fall in love remix" wit Amerie and Ludacris cus I felt like those songs were good examples oh and "Your all I need" Meth and Mary J... But all the links sucked... Sorry guys!

Nasty Nate Nizzle said...

112 beats Lil' Zane. Kanye demolishes Brandy. I forgot it wasn't Jay-Z's song. That says something. Jay-Z wins.

Born2Lead&2Succeed said...

All I have to say is "Hunnid, glad you found your hobby!" LOL...Maybe you should spend your time on a female or get a job doin this, cuz youre doin too much to not be gettin paid!