Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Much Information!

I ran across an article on the web that took me back! It was about a town called Provincetown in Mass. I want people to read the article for themselves so i wont give it all away, but to put it plainly they seem to have a pretty big problem on their beaches... Living majority of my life in South Florida I have never heard of or seen any of the things this article is talking about (except maybe online lol) but honestly all im gonna say is "Man! What is the world coming too!?" Lemme know what you think... Oh an try not to get grossed out picturing it! (Yuck)

Another thing that really caught my eye was an article about a musician from Russia that posted something on a blog about the Russian Police being scum. He said a few mean things like they should clean up the force by burning two officers a day (all in satire I might add) and other "distasteful comments". But heres the worst part because of his post he is now serving a one-year suspended term in a Russian prison! Damn!!! Was it that serious!? Well if that caught your interest as much as it caught mine heres the link

I wont front, I feel like lockin somebody up for a blog post is crazy as hell... An the truth is if that was going on round here in the US madd people would be duckin the cops... So yea lemme hear ur take on these articles or if you heard anything crazy ya self. Speak on it if u feel it in ya chest! peace...

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