Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekly Wake Up

This weeks weekly wake up goes to Lupe Fiasco's LP "The Cool" for the simple fact that its truly a breath of fresh air. I doubt Lupe is being slept on anymore being constantly mentioned by the best in the biz as the "Future of Hip Hop" an this album really shows that. He really went to the next level in terms of lyrical content and brought much more of a eclectic feel to his music. He hits every part of the US and even travels the world in one track this kat is someone to keep your eye on! Here are a few videos from his album... Enjoy!

Hip Hop Saved My Life

Paris, Tokyo

Dumb It Down


Anonymous said...

I love that Lupe was chosen for weekly wake up!! His music is definatley a definition of hip-hop! Totally agree with the selection!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you've noticed lupe just as long ago as i did with his appearance in "touch the sky". this ablum is definitely cool, i'm glad you're spot lighting il lupe. people don't call the radio station requesting his songs either because they have them or they haven't heard them. all his singles get positive buzz once they're released but no one talks about him because he's never beefing... that's a good thing to me, that he can maintain and build an audience without all the publicity stunts, like claiming make believe titles. king me.