Sunday, July 6, 2008

What happened to music videos?

Growing up my generation was always called the Mtv generation. But now I am sad to even be considered that. What has happened to our music videos? Our beloved music video channels have been bombarded by crap!!!!! Someone needs to make a public announcement as to why these channels no longer broadcast videos. It used to be that you could turn on your television and tune to any of the 3 channels, Mtv, BET, VH1 and a video would be playing. But now these channels only show My Super Sweet 16 ( spoiled ass rich kids), The Hill ( spoiled ass rich white young adults), The Baldwins ( spoiled ass rich black young adults), or Hell Date (dumb ass wanna be next)... Bottom line who gives a damn. The purpose of these channels is to show music videos thats why they were created. That would be like turning to the History channel to watch the 2008 presidential elections. Or turning to Animal planet to watch a documentary about Lincoln... Case in point it makes NO SENSE... If you are the lucky few who have caught a video you were only able to watch 1.5 minutes of it followed by the cackling of the obnoxiously loud show hosts (106 & Park). Is it too much to ask for a simple video DAMN!!!!!!


%Hunnid-proof% said...

AMEN!!! It needs to be called Rtv for reality tv... What happened to the good ol days! Gimmie my Yo Mtv raps! LOL good post, I feel u 100%

Nellz said...

I have to somewhat agree with you. I hate and love the shows the are showing but not as much as I love videos!!! god bless

dogladred said...

i definitely agree..i like some of the so-called reality shows, but i don't believe they belong on channels that should be showing music videos!