Thursday, July 23, 2009

Henry Louis Gates tells his story

This is a daily occurrence in the Black and Latino community, so I am happy to see that it has received national attention. For a prestigious man such as "Skip" Gates to be booked for "Tumultuous behavior" in his own home only proves the fact that many Americans are truly vulnerable to the tyranny of a rouge officer. I also do not want to sugar coat this and say that race played no part in this arrest. If we are being honest with ourselves we will realize that if Gates were Caucasian although police may have still arrived onto the scene to investigate I highly doubt that an arrest would have been made. This is just how I feel of course and I am not ashamed of my opinion especially since 13% of our nation's population makes up 67% of its prison population.

This has reached so much attention that even our President weighed in on the situation...

And just for humor sake, here is Dave Chappelle predicting the Henry Gates incident LOL!

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