Thursday, July 23, 2009

LOL Karrine "superhead" Steffans Blows the interview!

This is hilarious because you would think she would understand that being as "OPEN" as she was in her past people would bring it up whenever she tried to be on TV. Hey Supahead, if your gonna get defensive over people bringing up your past maybe mass media isn't for you. Plus lets just keep it real, check the 3:00 mark this is what neck rollin and defensiveness gets you on TV. LOL she needs to get it together.


phildaddy7 said...

cant turn a hoe into a house wife EDDIE! wow...but i can kinda understand where she was coming from...if u ever hear her her one of her books, or just considered what she's done ul realize she aint a dumb bitch. But yea she should only expect to not be respected.

Gaetane said...

totally agree with phil. what is she talking about that she had a "normal" 20's. The heck?? she is a joke to me. she was talking about how girls need someone to look up to and need a role model... SHE ISN'T THE ONE.